April 4, 2014

University of Montevallo students win game design awards

April 2, 2014

Marsha Littleton
University Relations Department
University of Montevallo

MONTEVALLO­—Four students in the Game Studies and Design program at the University of Montevallo have been recognized by GameCareerGuide for creating innovative games in their most recent Game Design Challenge: “Take This Job and Play It.” The goal was to design a game based on a real-world occupation that the player would not normally be able to experience.

Amy George of Hoover created Park Royale in which the player works as a mascot in an amusement park owned by his/her father. Two approaches may be taken: either to be the very best mascot possible, making the best of the situation at hand, or to be the worst possible mascot in the hope of being fired, thereby escaping the park.

Holden Chase Moss of Scottsboro designed Shakespearicles, a game casting the player in the role of Shakespearicles, the most powerful playwright in the world, as he/she creates, manages and maintains a theater during the Elizabethan era. The game simulates a business model in which the player must do everything from creating plays and casting roles to filling seats in the theater. It also includes a fighting component by which the player can overcome negative reviews.

David Capps of Maylene combined game design with graphic design to create Graphic Arts, simulating the work of a graphic designer who must work with customers who have commissioned him/her to create advertisements in the form of posters or objects for commercials. Hidden requirements such as color specifications or straight lines vs. curved lines add to the difficulty but result in higher pay.

Garrett Roth of Helena created HEROIC Firefighter Simulator 2015 in which the player does the job of a firefighter. While most missions task the player with the normal duties of a firefighter, occasional situations include the interference of a super hero and/or a super villain. The goal is to save as many victims and put out as many fires as possible while dodging interfering characters.

GameCareerGuide.com is a nationally recognized website for game design.