December 12, 2014

UM students honored at Elite Night 2014

UM students were recently honored at Elite Night, held in mid-November. More than 50 students were named to Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Individuals chosen for this honor are of junior or senior status and show outstanding leadership and academic ability through participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to Montevallo.

They are: Laven Abercrombie, Bethany Adams, Chibuike Alanaeme, Kimberly Allen, Laura Beth Askelson, Hunter Brown, Koli Burt, Jennifer Chadwick, Sara Cink, Devan Cooley, Wendy Cosby, James Cousins, Mattie Crisp, Evan Dixon, Kent Fullington, Bailey Gaskin, Amy George, Kelly Glenn, Lydia Godwin, Kailey Goodwin, Kelly Haberstroh, Michael Harrison, David Hayes, Brittany Headley, Kristen Herman, Amos Hollinhead, Lauren B. Jones, Elise Keller, Mary Kinney, Eileen Larsen, Rebecca Leach, Ashley Linden, Victoria Marriott, Christina M. Martin, Hannah Martin, Cynthia Jo McGinnis, Jacqueline McNeilly, Zachary A. Miller, Chelsea Perri, Daniel Perry, Sloan Gibby Poppell, Charlotte Quinn, Kelly Redding, Nicholas Rivers, Liza Schwieterman, Lacey Seawright, Fouress Snow Sellers, Jacob D. Smith, Leah B. Smith, Seth M. Smith, Hannah Stegen, Perrin Windham and Danielle Zak.

The following students are the Mr. and Ms. Montevallo finalists: Kevin Britt, Stacy Daniels, Eddie Davis, Madison Imbusch, Nikola Polcerova and Katie Vanover.

College Night leaders for 2015 are Stacy Daniels, Sydney Fant, Madison Imbusch and Seth Smith.