December 8, 2015

UM Recognizes Outstanding Students at Senior Elite Night

Over 50 University of Montevallo students were recently honored at Senior Elite Night held in mid-November.


The night is a UM tradition dating back to the 1930’s, and serves as an occasion to recognize students who show outstanding leadership and academic ability through participation in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship and service to Montevallo.


Over 50 students were recognized during the ceremony including students with the highest major GPA, Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, College Night Leaders, Mr. and Ms. Montevallo candidates and more.


Students honored in the Senior Elite are chosen by their department and are usually at the top of their class academically. The University of Montevallo 2015 Senior Elite are Tanja Bacani, Logan Barrett, Vibhaas Basukala, Gabrielle Byess, Sarah Clancy, Rachel Comer, Aaron Crocker, Evan Dixon, Sydney Fields,

Rachel Harold, Leilani Hayes, Stephanie Howe, Connie Hubbard,

Rebecca Leach, Shelby Lee, Alex Linder, Jesus Loyola, Kristina Marcus, Victoria Marriott, Hannah S. Martin, Hilary McCrae, Eunice McKinley, Brandon McMahan, Jessica Meade, Zachary A. Miller, Travis Pevey, Deanna Pack, Tiffany Polson, Brittney Purdy, Nicholas Rivers, Jonathan Scofield, Chelsea Shanks, Rosie Shanks, Kayla Shelton, Charlsey Smith, Hannah Stegen, Megan Trescott, Noelle Vines and Noelle Williford.


Students honored in Who’s Who apply for the honor and are selected based on their campus involvement, GPA, and service to the university community. The University of Montevallo 2015 Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and College are Spencer Anglin, Ryan Baker, Zachary Brown, Carley Bunch, Amanda Currie, Stacy Daniels, Daniel Deriso, Evan Dixon, Shyanne Erickson, Morgan Gothard, Taylor Kosman, Ondrea Lee, Emily Long, Victoria Marriott, Briana McDade, Kimberly McDade, Ashlyn Morrison, Kayla Pilkington, Gabrielle Pringle, Nicholas Rivers, Crystal Roskam, Kayla Shelton and Matthew Suddarth.


The 2015-2016 Mr. and Ms. Montevallo Finalists are elected by their peers and will be announced at Homecoming following an election of the student body. The students honored as finalists Michael Cleary, Kyle McDonald, James Powers, Natalie Bonifay, Allie Crook and Hannah Stephens. Bonifay and Cleary were recognized as Gold College Night Leaders while Stephens and Powers were also honored as Purple College Night Leaders.


The senior class also selected one faculty member to be the Elite Night dedication recipient. The designated professor for the 2015-2016 year is psychology professor Dr. John Burling.