June 11, 2018

UM Concert Choir completes international concert tour of United Kingdom and France

The UM Concert Choir performed in a variety of prestigious locations across the United Kingdom and France as part of their second international concert tour, May 12-23.  

Twenty-seven students, along with conductor Melinda Doyle, featured faculty soloist Roderick George and faculty documentarian Becky Halliday, performed in seven venues over 11 total days, including the historic Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris and King’s College in Cambridge. 

“Traveling is one of the best forms of education, and a trip abroad of this magnitude has immeasurable life changing benefits for our students,” said George. 

In order to receive letters of invitation to perform at many of these venues, the choir was required to submit high-quality audio submissions along with an application of accomplishments. 

“The University of Montevallo Concert Choir is truly an incredible ambassador for this university,” said Doyle. “Throughout the trip, our students performed in some of the most beloved musical venues throughout the United Kingdom and France and gained a greater appreciation for the choral art form as the universal language.” 

While in Cambridge, Stephen Cleobury, the conductor of the world-renowned King’s College Choir, worked with the UM Concert Choir during an exclusive two-hour choral masterclass. The choir also had the rare opportunity to sing in the prestigious King’s College Chapel. 

Between performances, the concert choir took time to visit important cultural landmarks, including Stonehenge, The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, the Louvre Museum, the Palace of Versailles and the Eiffel Tower. 

“Probably one of the greatest lessons that I took away from this trip was that I still have so much to learn,” said Jonah Carden, a sophomore music education major. “To think that I sang in Notre Dame, I sang in Bath Abby – not many people get to say that, and it’s such an honor.”