January 19, 2017


UM’s campus, nestled in the heart of Alabama, is home not only to students but also to many squirrels. Throughout the years, students have commented about the abundance of squirrels on campus and their iconic nature.

In 1946, the Alabama College Alumnae Office formed a partnership with Wedgwood to highlight this campus. Reynolds Hall was chosen for the first plate in the series. The official description of this piece reads, “Combining beauty and usefulness these commemorative plates will be of interest to all graduates, students, and friends of Alabama College. The center depicts a charming view of Reynolds Hall and is framed by a border of wisteria, squirrels and nuts.”

In 1947, the student newspaper even published an editorial cartoon of campus situations as seen by a squirrel. Titled “Seeing the World through the Squirrel,” the cartoon featured a chubby squirrel in random campus locations commenting on the antics of humans.

The April 4, 1947 issue of the Alabamian reported the gathering of 8,250,925 nuts on campus by 800 students. Since the students gathered so many nuts, Alabama College was the No. 1 producer of “nuts and stunuts.” This obvious April Fool’s article is evidence of the importance of nuts and the scurry of squirrels to campus life in the 1940s.

Carmichael Library chronicled the Wedgwood and squirrels history in a blog post published in 2008.