May 10, 2017

Congratulations Spring Graduates

Commencement ceremonies are milestones in the life of a university and in the lives of its extended family members. While in the narrowest sense each graduate is celebrating the mastery of a defined curriculum of intellectual skills and content, we know that the meaning of this commencement celebration will be much broader and deeper than that. Lifelong friendships have been made. Priceless memories will be cherished. New opportunities are within grasp, some of which seemed like mere fantasies just a few short years ago. Excitement is in the air!

For those of us who serve as faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, or friends of the University of Montevallo, these commencement ceremonies are a reminder that it is a good thing to include time in our busy schedules to celebrate important achievements and to reflect upon the challenges of tomorrow. Perhaps the greatest gift of a liberal arts education is its power to guide us to wiser decisions during and after those moments of reflection.

On behalf of all of us who comprise the Montevallo “family,” it is my pleasure to present the May graduating Class of 2017.

President John W. Stewart III