July 9, 2018

Outdoor Scholars Program debuts first episode of Outdoor Scholars TV

The President’s Outdoor Scholars Program at the University of Montevallo is now sharing its special hunting and fishing trips with the rest of the world via its new YouTube series, “Outdoor Scholars TV.” 

The show’s first season will consist of 10 episodes running just under 10 minutes each. The first episode, released on July 1, is the longest at 14 minutes and follows the Outdoor Scholars as they fish for blue marlin with UM President John W. Stewart III. 

According to William Crawford, director of the Outdoor Scholars Program, the series provides a means to show the program’s opportunities and adventures, while also serving as a learning tool for students to gain hands-on experience with videography skills. 

Three Outdoor Scholars students, Garret Deavers, Grant Deavers and Porter James, filmed each episode, with training and editing help by local multimedia company Pitts Media.  

“A few of our crew members are UM alumni and love doing anything to help the school,” said UM alumnus Dylan Lard, partner and creative director of Pitts Media. “Secondly, we are all avid outdoorsmen and thoroughly believe in the program and their mission of introducing and teaching students about the outdoors, the outdoor industry and the role media plays in the business.” 

In addition to camerawork, the students were also responsible for equipment management, ensuring the gear was charged and in good condition for each shoot. 

“At the beginning of this process I didn’t realize how much work actually went into making a TV show,” said James. “The best lesson that our mentors at Pitts Media taught us was to ‘remember to hit record.'” 

Creating the show has inspired both Garret and James to pursue interdisciplinary degrees as Outdoor Industry Studies majors to better prepare them for careers in outdoor video production. 

“This project has given me the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream of working in the outdoor industry while also capturing memories and the excitement of a successful hunt or day on the water,” said Garret. 

A new episode will be published to the Outdoor Scholars YouTube channel every Sunday through Sept. 2.