May 8, 2019

From Montevallo
to Carnegie

Dr. Melinda Doyle offers students hands-on experience


Dr. Melinda Doyle, associate professor of music and director of choral activities at UM, conducts the Concert Choir and University Chorus and teaches undergraduate choral conducting and choral methods. Through her position in the Department of Music, Doyle has enabled countless students to explore exciting opportunities outside the bounds of Montevallo’s campus.

After completing her doctoral program at Louisiana State University, Doyle found her home on the brick streets of Montevallo.

She leads the UM Concert Choir on a national/divisional tour once per year and an international tour every three years, giving both music major and non-music major choral students alike the chance to perform on far-away and unfamiliar stages. According to her experience, these performance opportunities are vitally important.

“Traveling to perform enhances their course of study as music majors, as well as provides cultural experiences for our students beyond the university setting,” Doyle said.

Though Doyle has led many choir tours over the course of her tenure at Montevallo, the most impactful and memorable are the two international tours she has led and, most recently, the Concert Choir’s performance at the legendary Carnegie Hall in February. This performance opportunity was solely a result of their exemplary performances in past international shows in England, France, Austria and other European countries.

“Not only was this an amazing performance opportunity for the students … but it was a wonderful opportunity for the Department of Music, College of Fine Arts and the University of Montevallo,” Doyle said. “We were able to nationally represent and showcase what we do here at the University, ultimately bringing national and international recognition to the University of Montevallo.”

UM is always striving to enhance the experiences of its students, in both growth-centered opportunities and in preparation for them.

“Beyond preparing concert performances each semester, it is imperative that we provide the ‘hands on’ approach for our singers because many of the students in the ensembles are music education majors,” Doyle said. “It’s our duty to provide a well-rounded, comprehensive choral music education to make them the utmost prepared for their career path.”

Doyle’s favorite aspect of these incredible opportunities is the chance to pass them down — sharing experiences with her students who will someday share similar ones with their students.

“As an educator, it is my job to not only teach and inspire, but to provide amazing experiences for our students so that they will then share their love of choral music with others,” Doyle said.