Planned Giving


Gifts of publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value allow you to avoid capital gains taxes while also receiving a tax deduction for your gift. In addition, you can specify an area that you would like the proceeds to support or have them contributed to the general fund. The university benefits by selling the stock without paying taxes on the gain, and you benefit from making a contribution that would be larger than what you might have been able to donate in cash.

Before a transfer of stock is made, we ask that you please notify us at with the name of stock(s), number of shares, and gift designation(s) so we may monitor our account for the expected transfer and process your gift accurately.

To make giving simple, we’ve invested in FreeWill’s secure, online stock-giving resource. It can help you identify the correct transfer form, help you fill out the necessary fields, and provide clear instructions for submitting the form to your brokerage.

Valuation: For internal university recognition purposes, the gift value is determined by using the mean between the highest and lowest quoted price on the date the shares are received in the university’s account. You will need to consult with your tax advisor to determine whether to use this value or another value for tax purposes. Please see IRS Publication 561 for additional details.

A wealth advisor or other advisors specializing in tax and estate planning will be able to provide advice specific to your priorities and can be a valuable source of information in making the right choice for your situation.