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Mel RobinsonMel Robinson
The college decision process was an easy one for Mel Dorrough Robinson ’52….Read Mel Robinson Profile (2023)



Pat ScalesPat Scales
Pat Scales ’66 graduated with a degree in elementary education from Alabama College, now known as the University of Montevallo, but she had a different goal in mind than teaching in the classroom setting….Read Pat Scales Profile (2023)



Katie Jane MorrisKatie Jane Morris
Katie Jane Morris ’02 realized the great need University of Montevallo students had during the COVID-19 pandemic. It brought back memories of her time as an undergraduate student on the red brick streets. Morris remembered how a helping hand made all the difference…Read Katie Jane Morris Profile (2023)


Ken Wakabayashi

Ken Wakabayashi
Ken Wakabayashi ’94 was appointed co-CEO of 7-Eleven International LLC in January 2022. But before the Yokohama, Japan native joined the world’s largest convenience retailer, he got his start in business at a small public liberal arts college in Alabama called the University of Montevallo…Read Ken Wakabayashi Profile (2022)


Ray Driver

Ray Driver Jr.
For a school Ray Driver Jr. ’89 had never heard of before the end of his senior year in high school, he said he owes the University of Montevallo quite a debt…
Read Ray Driver Jr. Profile (2022)



Dr. Eric and Christiane Jacobson

Christiane “Chris” and Eric Jacobson
Thanks to the generous $500,000 gift of a 1960 Alabama College alum and her husband, the University of Montevallo will create the Christiane Angele Jacobson Endowed Spanish Chair in English and World Languages…
Read Christiane “Chris” and Eric Jacobson profile (2022)



Dr. Rebecca O. Turner presents a certificate to University of Montevallo student Mary Ellie Tarpley.Dr. Rebecca O. Turner
The University of Montevallo is pleased to announce the establishment of the Dr. Rebecca O. Turner Endowed Gap Scholarship for social work majors…
Read Dr. Rebecca O. Turner profile (2021)



Greg KeyGreg Key
As a high school student in Florida, Greg Key ’82 had never heard of the University of Montevallo until a chance connection between his high school principal and the UM baseball program led him to the beautiful brick-lined Montevallo campus…
Read Greg Key profile (2021)



Jeanetta KellerDr. Jeanetta Corbett Keller
There are few individuals with as many ties to Montevallo as Dr. Jeanetta Corbett Keller ’75…
Read Dr. Jeanetta Corbett Keller profile (2021)




Minnie DormanThe Dorman Family
Throughout her life, Minnie Agnes Priester-Dorman’s passion for music was a constant…
Read The Dorman Family profile (2018)



photo of Joe HillJoe B. Hill
Given enough time, what was once old can become new and return better than ever…
Read Joe B. Hill profile (2018)



Joyce Greathouse and John Butera
In the fall of 1970, Joyce Greathouse stepped onto Montevallo’s brick campus as a freshman eager to enter the medical field…
Read Joyce Greathouse and John Butera profile (2018)



Fred and Suzanne CooperFred and Suzie Cooper
It’s been more than 50 years since alumnus Fred Cooper graduated from Alabama College in 1965, but scarcely a week goes by that he’s not reminded of the University’s impact on his life…
Read Fred and Suzie Cooper profile (2017)


Melanie PooleMelanie Poole
“It was a campus visit to the middle of nowhere.” Little did she realize it at the time, but that visit to the University of Montevallo would open the door to a new community, a new family, and a new home for former Decatur, Ala. native, Melanie Poole ’86…
Read Melanie Poole profile (2017)


photo of donorVulcan Materials
Vulcan Materials Company is the nation’s largest producer of construction aggregates…
Read Vulcan Materials profile (2017)



Barbara BonfieldBarbara Bonfield 
Family history can put a life in context…
Read Barbara Bonfield profile (2017)



Troyce BrunsonTroyce Brunson
Troyce Brunson came to Alabama College in 1961 from Kingston, Alabama and met his late wife, Jolinda Saunders Brunson, while attending college together…
Read Troyce Brunson profile (2017)



Eddie CzesklebaEddie Czeskleba
Family is a major part of the Montevallo experience…
Read Eddie Czeskleba profile (2017)



Good People Brewing Company
When the University of Montevallo Alumni Association Junior Board of Directors held their recent Spring Soirée and Silent Auction at Good People Brewing Company in Birmingham, it resulted in a big win for the UM Young Alumni Scholarship Fund.
Read Good People Brewing Company profile (2017)


Michael and Donna Grainger
The University of Montevallo is pleased to announce its first academic endowed chair in the school’s 117-year history…
Read Michael and Donna Grainger profile (2017)



Karen and Ann KellyAnn and Karen Kelly
At the University of Montevallo, generations of children have followed in their parents’ footsteps; for this reason, family holds a special place in the community…
Read Ann and Karen Kelly profile (2017)



Fred and Terra MillerFred and Terra Miller
Life sometimes has a funny way of bringing two people together…
Read Fred and Terra Miller profile (2017



Anna PapanekAnna Papanek
When a scholarship is established to honor someone’s memory, the story of that person is important for students to know because that is who made it possible for him or her to obtain the aid needed to pave the way for the future…
Read Anna Papanek profile (2017)


Mike PowellMike Powell
The University of Montevallo seeks to provide a well-balanced liberal arts education, while also offering a variety of extracurricular opportunities to prepare students for the real world following graduation…
Read Mike Powell profile (2017)


Jeff Purvis
“I found a home I wasn’t even looking for,” is the first thing Jeff Purvis ’02, MBA ’16 would tell you about his Montevallo experience…
Read Jeff Purvis profile (2017)



Diane RayDiane Higginbotham Ray
At the University of Montevallo, every individual that walks these brick pathways becomes a member of the Montevallo family…
Read Diane Higginbotham Ray profile (2017)



Rodney and Connie ReynoldsRodney and Connie Reynolds
Nothing quite says “family” like the passing of a career from one generation to another…
Read Rodney and Connie Reynolds profile (2017)



Jack SchnellJack Schnell
At the University of Montevallo, we put an emphasis on family that includes our faculty and students, retirees, and an extended network of alumni…
Read Jack Schnell profile (2017)




John Oliver “Ollie” Tetloff Memorial Scholarship
John Oliver “Ollie” Tetloff was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 18, 2006, and rarely gave his parents a moment’s rest…
Read John Oliver “Ollie” Tetloff Memorial Scholarship profile (2017)