Recent Initiatives

Upward Bound Wreath Fundraiser

For the last 25 years, the University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound Programs has decorated unique trees for the holidays for our major fundraiser. For the third consecutive year, however, we are offering the opportunity for more people to enjoy the holidays by offering wreaths for sale. Each wreath comes fully decorated. With the proceeds from this event, many deserving high school students from Bibb, Chilton, and Shelby County schools who participate in the University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound Programs are awarded book scholarships for college.

Upward Bound Wreath Fundraiser photoWhile TRIO Upward Bound Programs are federally funded pre-college initiatives, any scholarship money awarded must be earned at the local level. Therefore, the amount of the scholarships we are able to offer is dependent on the amount of money raised from the fundraisers. Last year, we were able to award $9,700.00 in TRIO Upward Bound Programs’ Senior 2022 Book Scholarships to 29 seniors with proceeds generated from the fundraisers. This year, in celebration of the season, we are offering fully decorated wreaths. Pick the theme and/or colors and have your holiday cheer ready to go. No two wreaths are exactly alike, so pick early to get your best selection. Everything on this wreath is non-breakable. These wreaths can easily be transported and enjoyed year after year. Don’t wait because supplies may be limited if multiple people want the same wreath! Because of generous discounts and donations from Michael’s, and Wal-Mart, TRIO Upward Bound Programs are able to again offer an opportunity for multiple individuals can enjoy holiday cheer.

Why Participate?

  • The more who participate, the more money for scholarships.
  • This will be the last big “buildup” before senior book awards and ACT Incentives, so we want to raise as much money as we can for student scholarships.

Contact the TRIO Upward Bound Programs’ offices at (205) 665-6268 for more information, and complete your order below. Email Savannah Finney with your selection when you choose your wreath.