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David's Story

Having recently wrapped up his sophomore year, David Rountree is feeling more and more at home at the University of Montevallo and is happy that he chose the school.

David Rountree“Honestly, I was just following my friends here, but now that I’ve branched out, I’m glad I made that decision,” he said. “I’m seeing so many people with different perspectives and backgrounds. It is a beautiful community to be a part of.”

The Birmingham native is majoring in exercise and nutrition science with a concentration in strength and conditioning, which he became interested in through playing basketball in high school. In the future, he hopes to go into the physical therapy field.

Rountree has received an academic leadership scholarship and a book scholarship, which has helped him purchase textbooks and keep him on track for his classes.

“That was a blessing that I really needed,” he said. “It helped me be able to get to school and buy my books on time. That was a big help for me to be able to get ahead of my classes a little bit. Scholarships give students a boost and help them know how much people have their backs, but also help them pay homage to the ones before them.”

Rountree is happy with the steps that he has taken this year to dive into campus life and make the most of his Montevallo experience. He is an Orientation Leader, a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, a member of the Exercise Science Club and he participates in Gold Side Athletics.

“I’m meeting different people in different organizations, my professors and others that I feel like I can have long-term relationships with,” he said. “I’m making sure I’m networking in the right way and being involved as much as I can be while knowing that I have people that make me feel important, that make me feel as if I belong here.”

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