College of Education and Human Development

Dr. Donna Ploessl

Dean Dr. Donna Ploessl

“We prioritized our Foundation funds in three separate ways. We used the funds to support our new Grainger Community Counseling Clinic, increased our scholarship offerings for students and made renovations in a Wills Hall classroom. We’re very thankful for the donor support we receive.”


College of Education and Human Development Report

Nutrition & Wellness

  • Two N&W students, Ergi Veli and Alyx Lucero, will present at the Alabama State Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance conference in November.
  •  N&W students, Alyx Lucero, Josh Daw, and Kinley Armstrong are working with Dr. Robert Herron and Dr. Kelley Devane-Hart on a research project to evaluate UM student health factors.
  • The Coordinated Program in Dietetics currently maintains a one-year pass rate of 100% on the RDN exam.


  • FCS program awarded over $100,000 in scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year during our Honors Day Program in April, 2023.
  • Two new faculty members: Dr. Joelle Smith in HDFS and Mr. Withrow Newell, Hospitality and Tourism


  • Continue to increase in numbers. Became the second largest major on campus.
  • Completed phase 1 of Myreck Hall renovations


  • Faculty had over 18 presentations and over 6 publications this year.
  • Increased scholarship awards in all areas
  • Hosted several events on campus including the Alabama NAME Conference, ASL Expo, Future Falcon Day, and the Deaf Education & ASL Forum
  • Maintained 100% pass rate on EdTPA
  • Awards within TLT:
    Dr. Greg Samuels received the Birmingham Business Journal Diversity & Inclusion Award
    Dr. Almir Smajic received the Graduate Faculty Diversity Award

Donor Impact

Anyla ShipmanI enjoy the sense of community that’s here, and the people and the professors,” she said. “I fell in love with my team and the community that my team has built. That’s when I knew I belonged at Montevallo and decided to stay here and finish it out. And I’ve enjoyed my time here.”

– Anyla Shipman, who is an exercise and nutrition science major at the University of Montevallo


Anyla’s Story