College of Fine Arts Initiatives

The Friends of the College of Fine Arts Scholarship for Books

The central theme of The Friends of the College of Fine Arts Scholarship for Books is to provide scholarship funding to undergraduate students in the College of Fine Arts who are unable to purchase their required course materials due to financial constraints.

The Dean of the College of Fine Arts will be responsible for awarding this scholarship each semester.

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Music Technology Initiative

Theatre Scholarship Fund

UM Center for the Arts

Make your mark on the Center for the Arts

The newly completed Center for the Arts will become UM’s center for innovative, creative engagement in art and communication in all of their facets: performance, production, critique, appreciation, entrepreneurship and cultural engagement. This facility will serve as a preparation space for the next generation of professional artists, performers, musicians, arts educators and communication experts.

As the College of Fine Arts continues to grow and innovate into the future, we are still in need of your support! Through your support you can help build a foundation for future learners and claim your spot in the Center for the Arts.

Center for the Arts brick example
Brick-by-Brick ($250)

A common theme throughout the University of Montevallo campus is beautiful bricks. Show your support by customizing a brick to be placed in front of the Center for the Arts.


Center for the Arts seat example
Have a Seat ($500)

Show your support for the University of Montevallo by naming a seat in the new DiscoverShelby Theatre. You can honor a loved one, share a favorite quote, mark a special anniversary or name a seat for yourself, a child or grandchild. Each gift will be recognized through a nameplate located on the chair.

Customization Specifications

Brick or chair message is limited to three lines, with a maximum of 14 characters per line. Bricks may also include the University of Montevallo logo, the University of Montevallo seal, the Alabama College logo or Greek letters. All bricks will be placed at the Center for the Arts. UM reserves the right to approve custom text.