Alternate Format Materials

Faculty/Staff Information

Students who qualify for this service may request that print materials be converted to a format such as e-text, Braille, or audio. The University may obtain texts from a variety of sources or produce them in-house.

It is the responsibility of the student to provide Access and Compliance (AAC) with the appropriate information about each requested text (title, author, publisher, copyright date, etc.) as early as possible. If the bookstore does not have book adoption information on file, AAC may contact faculty, chairs or deans directly. All requests will be processed as quickly as possible regardless of when they are received, however, AAC does request a 3 week notice in order to provide alternative formats in a timely manner. If a book must be produced in-house, the student is responsible for providing AAC with a copy of the book. Proof of purchase (a receipt) is required to provide alternate formats produced in-house or obtained from a publisher.

Faculty and staff needing assistance in conversion of brochures, handouts, tests, handbooks or other materials should contact AAC with as much notice as possible. AAC can provide advice in how to easily convert inaccessible electronic materials (image PDFs, PowerPoint), and can scan and convert print materials with sufficient notice. AAC may work with the Malone Center to assist faculty and staff in providing accessible format materials.