Test Accommodations

Test Accommodations

Students may qualify for testing accommodations such as extended time, distraction-reduced testing, permission to avoid use of scantron forms, larger font, use of a computer and/or specialized software such as text-to-speech software, screen-reading software, or a scribe for tests.  The individual’s need for these types of accommodations are assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Some of these accommodations may be easily handled by the faculty member in the classroom, while others may require the assistance of the AAC office or staff.

Test Proctoring in the AAC Office

If a student qualifies for extended time, distraction-reduced testing environment, or assistive technology, and faculty cannot provide the accommodation themselves, AAC is available to proctor tests, quizzes, in-class timed writing, or exams. The student is responsible for contacting AAC to reserve a testing room, preferably at the same day and time as the class, to take the assessment. AAC requires notice from the student of three business days during the semester and two weeks for final exams. Staff will attempt to coordinate late testing requests but availability cannot be guaranteed without sufficient notice. Faculty will be consulted on any necessary modifications in the time of the test due to conflicts with other classes or AAC proctoring availability.

Student Responsibilities

  • Advise faculty of the desire to have the test proctored in AAC (with sufficient notice for professor to deliver the test to AAC.
  • Schedule test with AAC (phone, email, or in person) giving three (3) business days’ notice for usual tests and quizzes, and at least two (2) weeks’ notice for final exams. Students are encouraged to schedule multiple tests early in the semester based on the course calendar.
  • Arrive in a timely fashion, bringing any needed writing utensils, scantron answer forms, approved calculators, etc.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Deliver the test to AAC in advance of the test date and time, preferably via AAC Faculty Portal or Please note if a specific accessible format is requested (such as sending test as image PDF or on paper when screen reader or text-to-speech software is approved).  Please do not send test via campus mail.
  • Notify AAC of any resources (books, notes, calculators, etc.) student may use during test and send to AAC any charts, formulas, extra credit etc., that students will need during the test.

AAC Responsibilities

  • Communicate with faculty regarding date and time of test to be proctored in AAC.
  • Proctor/Read/Scribe the test as appropriate.
  • Return the test to the faculty member.

Students taking exams in the AAC office are expected to adhere to the University’s academic honesty policy and comply with AAC test proctoring rules. No purses, phones, backpacks, etc., may be taken into testing rooms.  All testing rooms have video and audio recording/surveillance and recordings may be used if students are charged with academic dishonesty.  Students caught using any unauthorized resources will be reported to the faculty and the incident will be filed with Student Conduct Officer for violation of AAC policies.