Priority Registration

Students with disabilities who have been deemed qualified for this accommodation and who are actively using AAC services may register on first day of undergraduate pre-registration. Priority registration is an accommodation approved when student have mobility, medical or other disability needs that impact their class schedule. These could include the timing of medication, food or treatments, difficulty walking long distances quickly, a slightly longer route due to wheelchair accessibility, excessive fatigue, or the need for extended time on tests.  It also allows AAC to coordinate services more efficiently, such as the advance time needed to hire sign language interpreters or relocate classrooms or accessible furniture.

Students eligible for priority registration should notify AAC in person, by phone (205-665-6250), or by email ( as soon as they have met with their academic advisor.  This request must be made each term that they wish to use the priority registration accommodation. Use of priority registration during one term does not automatically activate it for the next term without a request. AAC will then authorize the earlier registration date.  Please note that this accommodation does not override a cashier, health or other hold that prevents student course registration.