Alternate Format Materials

Students who qualify for this service may request that print materials be converted to an alternate (alt) format such as e-text, Braille, or audio. The University may obtain texts from Learning AllyBookshare, Project Gutenberg or other publishers.  If the text is unavailable through these sources, then the alt format may be produced in-house or through another vendor.

Students should check with the university bookstore before submitting requests to see if any of the textbooks are available in a format acceptable to them via the campus bookstore’s website. If so, it can be purchased directly from the bookstore and downloaded to the student’s computer.

Proof of purchase is required to provide alt formats for items that have been obtained from a publisher, and for any files produced in-house or through an off-site vendor.

While all requests will be processed as quickly as possible regardless of when they are received, there are times of the year, such as the beginning of each term, when the wait for off-site vendors or publishers can take an extended period. Although staff will work on all requests whenever they are received, AAC requests 6 weeks’ notice in order to provide alternate formats in a timely manner. Students not submitting book needs until the week before the term begins, or after classes start, should be prepared for delays.

Students will be notified via email when the materials are available. Students will be required to sign an Agreement on Use of Recorded, Electronic, or Other Alternatively Formatted Course Materials before receiving the materials.