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The UM Career Development Center provides opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience. We post announcements regarding fulltime and part time employment, campus jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. We post opportunities to address your employment needs while you are still in school and after you graduate.

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Fulltime Professional Positions

We focus a major part of our services in preparing students for fulltime professional employment after graduation. These positions require professional qualifications, including academic credentials, prior experience, and relevant skills. Typically, students would be required to submit a resume and cover letter and go through an interview process.

Part Time Jobs

We provide part time job leads though our Job Location and Development Program, which is a federal grant project. This service is available to all currently enrolled UM students seeking part-time employment while attending school.  All positions are located off campus. Due to federal guidelines, students applying for any off-campus part-time paid positions are required to contact the UM Career Development Center, upon being hired, to submit details of their job placement.

Summer Opportunities

We post announcements for summer jobs and seasonal opportunities. Summer is a good time for students to gain experience and make money through a fulltime summer job or internship.

On-Campus Jobs

Many UM departments hire students as employees. Each department individually handles its own employment and students should contact them directly to inquire about available jobs. On-campus jobs are a great way to gain work experience and develop relevant skills for future careers while working in close proximity. There are two kinds of on-campus jobs: Work-Study and Jobship. Work-Study positions require prior qualification through the Student Aid Office.


Internship are the best way to get prepared for professional employment. They can provide real-world work experience that will help you develop skills employers are seeking, build a network of professional contacts, enhance your resume content, and gain confidence in your abilities. Internships may provide any of the following practical benefits: direct experience, professional contacts, academic credit, and financial compensation.

Volunteer Opportunities

Participating in volunteer community service projects is a great way to apply your skills in a humanitarian or philanthropic setting while building your skills and experience.

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