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Special Topics

Beyond the Classroom: Extracurricular Activities
Tips for a Successful Internship Experience
Curriculum Vita: Professional Template
Professional Engagement
Negotiation Skills
Corporate/Organizational Culture
Building a Professional Prospect List
Study Abroad: Tips for a Successful International Experience
International Resume
Teacher Candidates: Educators in the Job MarketĀ 
Teacher Professionalism
Medical School Interview Preparation
Graduate School Tests
Workplace Diversity
LGBTQ in the Job Market and Workplace

Real World Issues

Adulting | Time Management | Etiquette | Stress | Finance | Wellness
Skills Employers Value | Workplace Issues
Special Issues | Special Populations | Special Problems
College Experience | Extracurricular Activities | Campus Involvement
Graduate School Preparation | Application | Essay
Job Loss | Layoff | Career Transitions

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Resume Writing Resources
Job Market Tools and Strategies
Interview Preparation and Skills

Job Market Links

Alumni Central | New Grads
After College | New Grads
College Recruiter | New Grads
Linked In | Networking
Indeed | Job Postings Nationwide
Zippia | Career Advice and Resources
Zippia | Job Search Tools and Opportunities
Monster Jobs | Job Postings Nationwide
Zip Recruiter | Job Postings Nationwide
Way Up | Job Postings Nationwide
USA Jobs | Federal Government Jobs
Alabama Jobs | State Government Jobs
Shelby County | County Government Jobs
Jefferson County | County Government Jobs
UpWork | Freelance Opportunities
Idealist | Social Action JobsĀ 
Alabama Non-Profits | Community Jobs
Cool Works | Temporary and Seasonal Jobs
IHIPO | International Internships
National Center for College Students with Disabilities
Students Workforce Recruitment Program
Glass Door | Opportunities and Company Info

Salary Tools
Mint Life | Cost of Living Calculator and Negotiation Tips
Nerd Wallet | Cost of Living Calculator and Salary Data
CNN Money | Cost of Living Calculator and Salary Data
Indeed | Salary Data By Industry
My Plan | Salary Calculator
Salary | Data Facts Info

Video Workshops
Career Management | Career Action Plan for College Students
Global Intercultural Fluency | Diversity in the Modern Workplace
College to Career Transition | Ensuring Your Career Success

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Professional Clothing | Suit Project
Recycled Business Attire

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Behavioral Interviews
Campaign Outline
Career Action Plan
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Career Planning
College to Career
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Curriculum Vita
Etiquette Tips
Gender Neutral Attire
Graduate School
Graduate School Tests
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Medical School Interview Questions
Networking Techniques
Personality and Career
Personality Map
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Resume Words
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To Schedule an Appointment:
Telephone: 205-665-6262
Location: Farmer Hall | Second Floor