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Fall 2024 (Move-In Edition)

Welcome to Housing & Residence Life

From the Director of Housing & Residence Life, John Denson

Welcome to your new home at the University of Montevallo! Our goal is to provide a safe, well-maintained living experience where you can grow both personally and academically. Living on campus will provide you opportunities to make new friends, get involved, attend campus activities, experience personal growth and development and hopefully have a positive experience. The on-campus experience will provide you with friends and memories that will last a lifetime!

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Living on campus comes with many privileges and freedoms. As with other liberties, these freedoms come with responsibilities. Please be sure to respect your roommate and all the residents living in your community. Housing and Residence Life strives to create and support a learning environment and to promote a safe and secure community. We need your help and cooperation to create a community everyone can enjoy. As a member of the Housing and Residence Life community, we encourage you to become involved. The Housing staff will provide a number of activities on your floor and in your building. These are great opportunities to meet the other residents and to have enjoyable experiences. Be sure to get to know your Resident Assistant (RA) and Residence Hall Director (RHD). The staff is here to assist you and are a valuable resource.

I hope you have a prosperous year, and we are glad you have chosen to be a part of the University of Montevallo on-campus experience.

Residence Hall Opening

All residence halls will open for NEW STUDENTS on Saturday, August 17th between 8 am – 12 noon.

Check in will be at your assigned residence hall.  Very important you unload your vehicle as quickly as possible and then move to the designated parking lot.  University of Montevallo Police Department (UMPD) and staff will be assisting with directions.  Directions and specific instructions will be sent to your UM email address later this summer.

Returning student move in days will be held on Sunday, August 18th – Tuesday, August 20th between 8 am – 5 pm.  You will be emailed detailed information about the move-in process.

Room Change Days

August 21 – September 6

Do you want to change rooms? If space is available, you can change rooms, no question asked, during room change days. However, you must come to the Housing and Residence Life office located on the first floor west wing of Main Hall to initiate any room changes. Room changes will not be allowed after September 8th.

If you are moving in with a new roommate, bring that person with you or bring a note from them (including their M#) confirming it’s okay for you to move in. You must complete your move within 24 hours to accommodate residents that may be moving to your room when you move out.

Roommate Consolidation

Monday, September 9 and Tuesday, September 10

New Residential Hall

If you do not have a roommate and you have not signed a Private Room Agreement by the end of Room Change Days, you will be paired up and consolidated with other residents needing a roommate.

You will not be required to move buildings, but you will be relocated to a room in the building to which you are already assigned. You will receive a new assignment on September 9 or 10 and your move must be completed that week.

If you choose not to accept the new assignment, the private fee will be added to your student account and you are responsible for making payment arrangements with the Cashier’s office immediately.

Door Access

All residence halls (except apartment styles Peck Hall, College Creek Apartments and College Park Apartments) remain locked 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Residents of each building can gain access at any time by using their UM Student ID card in one of the card readers. Guests will need to be met at one of the doors by their host. Wall mounted phones are available at the front and back entrances of each building for use in making contact with hosts.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are defined as those times during which you are prohibited from making any noise which can be heard in any room other than your own. This refers primarily, but not exclusively, to loud noise from stereo equipment, radios, television, and verbal communication. All residence halls honor quiet hours from 8 p.m.-10 a.m., Sunday-Thursday and midnight to 10 a.m. on Friday & Saturday. However, the week of final exams, 24/7 quiet hours will be observed in all halls.

Got a Maintenance Problem?

Report your maintenance requests by emailing the Physical Plant at UMWOC@montevallo.edu between Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. You may also call the HRL Office at 665-6235 to report your problem.

Things to Know

Student Email: This is the official medium for university communication. The University has established students’ e-mail addresses (example: username@forum.montevallo.edu) as an official medium by which UM communicates with students. Students are responsible for reading the messages that are distributed to their university e-mail accounts.

Ramsay Hall

Personal Appliance Energy Fees: If you brought your own personal fridge, you must pay a one-time $25 fee. During the first health and safety inspections, your RA will give you an energy fee sticker and record that you have a personal fridge. The $25 energy fee will then be placed on your student account from the Housing office. If you live in Peck Hall & brought your own microwave, an energy fee must be paid for that appliance as well. Residents of New Hall & Peck are not required to pay energy fees for appliances provided by the university, but you must pay the energy fee for any personal appliances you have brought to use in your room. Your RA will provide the energy fee sticker during Health and Safety checks and the fee will be added to your account shortly after. Residents who rent a microfridge through the Housing office are not required to purchase an energy fee sticker.

No Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in any UM residence hall at any time. You must be 25 feet away from residence halls when smoking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my meal plan option?

Residents who want to change their meal plan must do so during the first week of classes. You may access meal plan changes at your self service site or email the Housing office. All requests must be received no later than 4 p.m. on August 23rd. Changes cannot be made after this date.

I’m in a double occupancy room by myself. Will I be charged for a private room?

If you should decide you want to keep your room private, you must fill out a Private Room Form at the Housing Office. If you indicate that you want to keep your room private, the charge will be added to your student account. You will need to go to the Office of Student Accounts to pay the charge.

What if I don’t want to (or can’t) pay the private room charge?

You will need to start looking for a roommate. There are several ways to find a roommate. You can pick up a list of others who are in double occupancy rooms alone from the Housing & Residence Life Office after the first day of class. You will also get to know people as you attend classes, eat in the dining hall, and participate in campus events. It’s a great way to meet new people. You are responsible for finding your own roommate once school starts.

When I find a roommate, what do we do next?

The person who is changing rooms needs to come to the Housing Office & initiate the room change. Either come with the person you are moving in with or bring a note from them saying that it’s okay for you to move in.

What if I can’t find a roommate?

If you do not have a roommate and you have not signed a Private Room Agreement by the end of Room Change Days, then staff in the housing office will pair you to consolidate with another resident in the building who is also without a roommate. You will receive a notice of your new assignment, and if you choose not to accept the new assignment, the private fee will be added to your student account. You are responsible for making payment arrangements with the Office of Student Accounts immediately.

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