Housing & Residence Life

Housing Checklist

Welcome to on-campus living, we’re so glad you’ll be joining us this year!

Printable Housing Checklist

Items to bring with you

  • Mattress cover (standard size twin)
  • Sheets, pillows & pillow cases (standard size twin)
  • Blanket
  • Comforter/Bedspread (standard size twin)
  • Towels, washcloths, toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Shower Curtain (Brooke, College Creek Apartments, College Park Apartments, Lund, Ramsay, Peck and New Hall)
  • Waste basket
  • Alarm clock
  • Laundry bag/basket
  • Laundry detergent/dryer sheets
  • Flashlight
  • Surge protector
  • Water bottle

Other items you might find useful

  • Surge protectors (Note: Extension cords are not allowed)
  • Personal computer
  • Printer (wireless printers do not connect to our network)
  • Television (Cable TV service not provided)
  • Refrigerator (not exceeding 4.5 cubic feet). Note: There is a $25 one time per year energy surcharge for each refrigerator
  • Curtains: All windows have blinds. All rooms have at least one window. A few have more than one. Window dimensions are approximate:
    • Brooke Hall – 43.5″ wide X 52.5″ long
    • Main Hall – 48″ wide X 85″ long
    • Hanson Hall – 35″ wide X 72″ long
    • Napier Hall – 48″ wide X 60″ long
    • Lund Hall – 41″ wide X 54″ long
    • Peck Hall – 32″ or 64″ wide X 64″ long
    • Tutwiler Hall – 32″ wide X 72″ long
    •  New Residence Hall – Bedroom 33″ wide X 57″ long; Living room (2 per unit) – 27″ wide X 57″ long
    • Ramsay Hall  63 or 31.5” wide X  60.5” long
  • Coffee maker (sealed unit)
  • Ironing board & iron
  • Radio/stereo
  • Study lamp
  • Blow dryer/straightener
  • Throw rugs
  • Water filter pitcher
  • Only loft beds rented from Collegiate Bed Loft (www.cblorder.com) are allowed. Collegiate Bed Loft company will set up the loft prior to move-in for the Fall term and will remove the loft after you move out. The University assumes no liability for injury or damage due to lofts. Information about ordering deadlines will be included with your Fall term room assignment letter.

Items which are NOT allowed

  • Electrical heating appliances such as space heaters, hot plates, electric blankets, toasters (do not bring any appliance with an open coil or flame)
  • Microwave ovens (except College Creek Apartments, College Park Apartments, Peck and New Hall)
  • Pets (except fish, 10 gallon tank limit)
  • Extension cords (any type) are NOT ALLOWED – you may bring surge protectors/power strips
  • Sun lamps and lava lamps
  • Electric blankets or heating pads
  • Candles/incense
  • Individual a/c window units
  • Loft if not rented from Collegiate Bed Loft

Note: Health and safety inspections will be conducted once a month. Violators will face disciplinary action.


The reservation/damage deposit, which is paid at the time your housing application is submitted, is refundable. Check the Housing Brochure/Application, the UM Bulletin, or the Residence Hall Handbook for stipulations required for a full refund.

Cable Television

Cable television service is not provided in any of the residence halls.


Phone service is not provided in each room/suite. Public phones with local service are available in each residence hall.

Laundry Service

All residence halls have laundry rooms conveniently located in the buildings. Machines are coinless, and the cost of the service is included in the room charge.

Room Size

Approximate dimensions can found on our website here.