Frequently Asked Questions



All residence halls except Brooke, College Creek Apartments, College Park Apartments, Lund and Peck Halls are closed during school break periods (Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, and Spring Break) and residents are not allowed to stay in their rooms while the halls are closed.

You do not have to move your belongings out of your room for Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday, or Spring break, but you may not leave personal belongings in your room over summer break.

Before you leave for a holiday, be sure you follow the guidelines listed here. Your room will be checked after you leave for compliance. Failure to comply will result in a minimum $25 penalty per violation.

Before You Leave For The Holidays…

  • Take all trash outside to the trash bin
  • Vacuum carpet or sweep the floor in your room
  • Winter Holiday break – unplug everything
  • Spring break and Thanksgiving – unplug everything except aquariums and refrigerators
  • Turn off your lights
  • Be sure to turn your AC/Heater on low
  • Lock your window and lower your blinds
  • Lock your room door