Parking Regulations

The lack of familiarity with the regulations does not constitute a valid defense for failure to comply.

Visitors can obtain a parking pass by visiting the campus police station.  Call 205-665-6155 for directions.

  1. The University reserves the right to deny any person the privilege of operating and/or parking a motor vehicle on campus.
  2. The University assumes no responsibility for losses from fire, theft, or from any other cause when cars are parked on campus.
  3. City and State regulations, rules, and all directive signs governing the use of motor vehicles must be observed at all times.
  4. Red-White-Green Zones are in effect from 7:30 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. Park only in spaces or zones matching your permit during this time.
  5. Spaces for drivers with disabilities are for the exclusive use of qualified permit holders and visitors with disabilities. Permits for drivers with disabilities are good in any legal parking space.  Driver must have an on-campus disability permit as well as the state permit if they are students. The on-campus permit for disabled student drivers can be obtained through access and compliance, located in the lower level administrative offices of Main Hall. The state permit registration must match the name of the student seeking the on-campus permit in order for the campus handicap permit to be issued.  Please call access and compliance at 205-665-6250 with questions.  One day visitors permits can be obtained through the police department office.
  6. Parking on the grass, on sidewalks, or blocking sidewalks is prohibited.
  7. Blocking fire hydrants is prohibited.
  8. Parking in fire lanes and loading docks is prohibited. Fire lanes and loading docks are Tow Away Zones.
  9. Double parking is prohibited. Double parking is parking across the line, either to the side or the back or the front of the vehicle.
  10. Twenty minute zones are marked by signs and in effect 24 hours a day.
  11. The University reserves the right, after a reasonable attempt is made to contact the owners, to remove and impound illegally parked and abandoned vehicles; any vehicle found on campus without a decal, with no license plate; or any vehicle parked in such a way as to contribute a serious hazard to other vehicles or pedestrian traffic or to the movement and operation of emergency equipment. The owner(s) shall, thereafter, be responsible for any costs involved in removing, impounding, and storing of such vehicle occurring during removal or impoundment.


Traffic Regulations

The lack of familiarity with these regulations does not constitute a valid defense for failure to comply.

The University Police Department has concurrent jurisdiction with the Montevallo City Police Department and the University Police Department enforces all Alabama Traffic Rules and Regulations on and off campus.
The University Police Department has the option of issuing an Alabama Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC). The Uniform Traffic Citation is processed through the Montevallo Municipal Court on the citation’s designated date and time. Failure to pay or appear in the Montevallo Municipal Court will result in a warrant for your arrest.

The University Police Department also has the option of issuing an On Campus Traffic Citation (OCTC) for minor traffic offenses. The On Campus Citation is applicable to persons on University property. The On Campus Traffic Citation can be paid the same as all other fines. To appeal, a person must submit an appeal within (10) school days of citation date. SEE APPEAL PROCEDURES.

Should the fine not be paid or an appeal not filed within the ten school days, the right to appeal will be forfeited and a hold could be placed on your account.

Campus Speed Limit is 20 M.P.H.

Fines for Traffic Violations
Violation Fine
*Speeding $50.00
Wrong Way on a One-Way Street $50.00
**Failure to Yield Right-of-Way $50.00
Improper Stop at a Stop Sign $50.00
Improper Turn $50.00
Seat Belt Violation $10.00
***Noise Violation $50.00

* The speed limit on campus is 20 miles per hour. All state and local traffic laws are applicable on campus.** Pedestrians in crosswalks have the right-of-way.

*** A driver commits a noise violation when a stereo/audible device can be heard from a distance greater than 30 feet.