Alumni Association

UMNAA Presidents

The University of Montevallo National Alumni Association (UMNAA), organized in 1902, is the primary contact for Montevallo alumni with their alma mater. The Association’s mission is to “enhance the linkage between the alumni and the University, encourage members’ active participation in the Association and their commitment to the mission of the institution, build financial support for the Association and the University, and promote the University of Montevallo as a vital part of Alabama’s future.”

Alumni Association Presidents 

1902-1905                  Margaret McArdle

1905-1907                  Bertie Allen

1907-1908                  Margaret McArdle

1908-1910                  Mary A. Peters

1910-1912                  Lucy Lenoir Parnell

1912-1914                  Margaret McArdle

1914-1916                  Willie Jenkins Rainey

1916-1917                  Ursual Delchamps

1917-1918                  Lettie Daffin Perdue

1918-1920                  Gertrude Meroney Peebles

1920-1921                  Lucy Lenoir Parnell

1921-1922                  Mamie Meroney Wofford

1922-1923                  Tettie Jane Henley Henry

1923-1925                  Minnie Sellers

1925-1927                  Mary Lou Reed Corry

1927-1929                  Lillian Gatchell

1929-1932                  Marion Walker Spidle

1932-1933                  Ulma Lee Benton

1933-1935                  Josephine Watson Moody

1935-1937                  Thelma Davis Chappelle

1937-1940                  Nathalie Molton Gibbons

1940-1942                  Eloise Frost Lee

1942-1944                  Lulu R. Palmer

1944-1946                  Lucy Lee Pruett Sellers

1946-1950                  Ruth Scott Parker

1950-1952                  Elizabeth Souders Miller

1952-1954                  Sue Edwards Gillespie

1954-1956                  Annie Laurie Beckham Williams

1956-1958                  Laura Frances Jones Mathison

1958-1960                  Rubye Collins Smith

1960-1962                  Mary Lou Tiffin Foshee

1962-1964                  Mary Flynn Sellers Pilgreen

1964-1966                  Catherine Manning Roper

1966-1968                  Annie Mae Paulk Turner

1968-1970                  Ray Jones

1970-1972                  William Pinkney Powers III

1972-1974                  Lucille Scott Farris

1974-1976                  Ray Lenderman

1976-1978                  Emily Vest Pendleton

1978-1980                  Neal Shirley

1980-1982                  William Latham

1982-1984                  Ron Bates

1984-1986                  Todd R. Strange

1986-1988                  Martha Terry Kirkland

1988-1990                  Thomas G. Walker, Jr.

1990-1992                  Augusta Sims Lovelady

1992-1994                  Mary Louise Rice Dabbs

1994-1996                  Kirk Lightfoot

1996-1998                  Paul N. Doran, Jr.

1998-2000                  Fred C. Crawford

2000-2002                  Cathy Jo Wheeler

2002-2004                  Libby Queen

2004-2006                  Dave Palmer

2006-2008                  Melanie A. Poole

2008-2010                  Karen Kelly

2010-2012                  Kit Waters

2012-2014                  Jim Methvin

2014-2016                  Mike Malone

2016-2018                  Laurl Self

2018-2020                  Toni Leo

2020-2022                  Cynthia Todd

2022-2024                  Stephanie Shaw