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Congrats Grads

Congratulations Class of 2023

We are honored to welcome you into the ranks of this institution’s more than 28,000 alumni. As you transition from UM student to UM alum, enjoy, celebrate and always remember no matter what you do or where you go, you will always belong to the Montevallo family. Welcome to the National Alumni Association of the University of Montevallo — your forever connection to the UM family!

Alumni share their words of congratulations, encouragement and advice:

You will move mountains. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Be who you were born to be. – Clark Maxwell ’13, UMNAA Jr. Board

Lead with C.O.U.R.A.G.E. — Confidence, On-point focus, Unshakeable faith, Resolve, Adaptable spirit, Growth mindset, Encouraging others. – Tim Lupinacci ’88, UM Trustee

Tenacious, resourceful, adaptable, strong, inspiring, family – and a class who experienced UM remotely. Congratulations! You always belong at Montevallo! – Karen Kelly ’80, UM Foundation

Although a different type of celebration, still an accomplishment to be so very proud of. Congratulations! – Ann Kimbrough Kelly ’57

Congratulations, new graduates! Keep your head up, be brave, and know that we (alumni) have your back. See you soon!  – Kacie Kilpatrick ’09, Director of Recruitment

Congratulations. May success be ever present in your futures. – Jo Turner ’60

Do something that you’re afraid to do. Don’t live in regret that you didn’t take that scary leap of faith. – Teresa Haugh ’76

Congratulations on your achievement. As you begin the next leg of your journey, strive to make the world a better and safer place for us all.  – Emily Jean Fortinberry ’69

?You did it, you got this, and you will be so amazing! Always look up and always keep moving forward! – Carolyn Jones ’11, former Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs

Be patient and learn the value in networking. It can separate you from the crowd. Seek out a mentor. – Steve Cormack ’81

My Montevallo years are more than just memories. Montevallo is a piece of the fabric of who I have become. – Chris Royal ’92

Graduates, congratulations on this huge accomplishment! Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want. – Demita Williams Wright ’05

Remember all your life: God, Family, Country, Education, Being helpful to others. – Fred Crawford ’68

Don’t let challenges define you. A liberal arts education teaches you to be adaptable. Take risks, create your own path and remember you always belong at Montevallo!  – Tiffany Bunt ’00, Director of Alumni Affairs

I am so proud of you for this accomplishment. You are now prepared to change the world for the better.  – Sandra Boroughs ’81

Erase fear. You have already had life tests along with academic tests. Trust in Jesus Christ and find your way. – Timothy Beiro ’82

Remain strong during this challenging time because the future is all yours; so now get ready to conquer the world. – Nakeatris Walker ’17

Hope you really listen to your advisors and have informed advisors. God be with you!  Retirement is wonderful but so was medical technology and helping others!  – Delores Lambert Kepner ’69

The world can be unfair. However, the true value of life is not what you accumulate, but what you share.  – Eric Sanincencio ’03

Shine your light BRIGHT, into a world that needs it. Montevallo will always be there to support your dreams! – Toni Leo ’80, former UMNAA President

Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishments! You have graduated from one of the most prestigious universities that I have ever been associated within my 43 year teaching career.  – Nancy Prickett ’73

May dear memories made along these brick streets pave your way to a golden future.  – Theresa Veasey ’88

It’s not the cap and gown that will follow you, but the skills, life lessons, and friendships made that matter.  – Dot Robinson ’74

Congratulations on all your hard work!! So very proud of you. Especially my daughter Faith Kendrick. Great job!!  – Sarah Brasher Kendrick ’89

You are beneficiaries of a great education. Pursue your dreams and allow God to direct you down His path.  – Tom Whiting ’79, UM Foundation

Put God first in everything you do  Fail big, take chances on what you feel passionate about professionally. You will feel best helping others not accumulating wealth — you can’t take it with you.  – John Kustra ’73

Congratulations! You persevered during a pandemic — I applaud your determination!  Welcome to the alumni world!  – Cynthia Todd ’88, UM Trustee

Your path is open for your own making. Dream big, dream wild and attack those dreams.  – Christina Powell ’10, UMNAA Jr. Board

Congratulations! Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are awesome! This too shall pass. – Barbara Baker ’77

It’s not how you walk in your cap and gown but how you’ll walk in life. – Mike Ringel ’70

You are entering an economic market that may look like chaos but actually contains extraordinary opportunities! Be creative; be strong!  – Stacy Moon ’90, UMNAA Board

Do what you are passionate about, what makes your heart sing. You’ll make yourself and others happy. Do it for you. – Mona McClendon ’76

Graduates—your resilience, flexibility, creativity, and friendships will see you through in this strange and unfamiliar world. Do great things!  – Courtney Bennett ’11

My current circle of friends include people I met there.  Praying for you as you enter the next stage of your life.  Your college degree from Montevallo will open up doors you never thought of.  – Sherry Hendon Welch ’72

You are now equipped to change the world, really! Enjoy the path you take to your dreams. Congratulations newest alumni.  – Laurl Self ’94

Adjust not your desires, dreams, and aspirations, but create a methodology that will facilitate your glorious flight throughout your life. – Lillian Butler Riley ’80

What if? Do not be defined by a question unless you answer it with a statement empowered by knowledge & experience. – James C. Gauntt ’76

? You finished college! May your years be rich and fruitful as I hope your Montevallo experience was as well! Congrats! – Candyce Osburn Hughston ’10

You were created for a day of rest and holiness. So work and play, then pause, read, nap, and pray. – Margo Chancellor Rhodes ’81

Your degree has prepared you for more than a career, it is the foundation to build your life on. – Patricia Carr Connell ’82

Congratulations, graduates! Let these bricks that have paved your path remind you of your strong foundation in your future endeavors. – Wesley Hallman, University Advancement

May the door you have opened allow you to use your experiences at UM make you and the society better. – Ray Jones ’60

A dream is always something just out of reach. A goal is something you work for and achieve for yourself. – Steven Hitt ’80

Throughout history, authentic, wise, soulful, ardent leaders have changed our world. Find that person within yourself and do the same. – Elin Olson Glenn ’98

Believe in yourself and push forward. Work for what you want and believe in your own worthiness. You. Are. Worthy. – Linda Miller ’89

Be bold! Be daring! Have courage! Have integrity! Be woke! Be happy! Get in proximity! Get in proximity! Be yourself! – Barbara Sloan ’72

Congratulations! Who knows what opportunities and challenges await you. The knowledge and experiences at Montevallo will be a firm foundation. Wishing you a fulfilling life of accomplishments and also one of service to your loved ones, community and school. – Joyce Greathouse ’56

Regardless of what position you hold, develop an attitude of servanthood. Greatness comes to a life led with a servant’s heart. – Kay Butts-Pruett ’04, UMNAA Board

Congrats on this accomplishment. Update your goals and keep achieving them. Always balance work and life. Keep pushing!!! – Eddie Baker III ’03, UMNAA Board

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