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Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Majors

These academic scholarships are awarded by the Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics department. Apply online by March 1 each academic year. Contact the BCM department for additional information.

Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics Majors Scholarships

Dean of Arts and Sciences Viability Scholarship in Chemistry Available to students majoring in chemistry. Apply Now
Dean of Arts and Sciences Scholarship in Mathematics Available to students majoring in mathematics. Contact the BCM department for additional information
Hatchett-Thetford Scholarship in Chemistry Student majoring in Chemistry. Minimim 3.25 GPA. Must be making satisfactory progress in the Chemistry program. Apply Now
Chemistry Department Endowment Available to a Chemistry major. Student must be enrolled in a minimum of one chemistry course per semester. May be renewed for up to three consecutive years. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Scholarship recipients selected by faculty and awarded at Honors Day.
Ruth Hardwick Perry Scholarship Students majoring in Biology. Must have established financial need. Renewable for up to four years. Awarded to students from Morgan County. Apply Now
Jan Eagles Memorial Scholarship in Biology Student majoring in Biology. Apply Now
Ella J. Stewart Future Healthcare Professional Scholarship Freshman students majoring in a healthcare related course of study. Minimum 3.0 GPA and minimum ACT score of 22. Students must write a minimum 1,500 word essay explaining why UM is the right choice for them. Provide a minimum of one letter of recommendation. Preference goes to students majoring in Biology or Chemistry. Apply Now
Marjorie Murdock Mathematics Fund Students declared as mathematics majors. Merit based first on math GPA, then if necessary on overall GPA. Renewable for full-time study. Apply Now
Wills/Hopping/Dunham Family Endowed Mathematics Scholarship Awarded annually to a student majoring in Mathematics, in good standing with the University and maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or above. A priority will be given to a student who is a resident of the State of Alabama and who has a desire to pursue a career in Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Quantitative Analysis or similar field.
The Lynn Cook Bennett Scholarship Rising full time sophomore or junior who has declared a major in either Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, or Communication Studies and has actively demonstrated a commitment to science research, science education, and/or science communication. Apply Now