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The University of Montevallo welcomes qualified students from other countries to join our diverse student body. International applications to the University of Montevallo must be received at least 2 months prior to the beginning of the desired semester. Please find all necessary documents and links below to aid in the application process.

Undergraduate International Student Applications
University of Montevallo, Undergraduate Admissions Office
Station 6030
Montevallo, AL 35115

Graduate International Student Applications
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Required Documents for International Application

International Application for Admissions

International Application for Admissions
Now that you’re ready to fill out an application, you may do so online by clicking the link above. The application must be completed along with a copy of the student’s passport or international identification card and a non-refundable application fee ($30 for undergraduates and $40 for graduate students).

Application and all documentation should be received by the University at least 2 months prior to the start of the semester.

International Student Medical History Forms

The International Student Medical History Form must be completed, signed by a doctor and delivered to the University. A completed original International Students Medical History Form signed by a physician, a Tuberculosis (TB) skin or blood test dated within 12 months of class start date, and dates of two MMR vaccinations (Measles, Mumps, Rubella).

Like other universities, the University of Montevallo requires international students to have health insurance prior to their arrival. International students must have a health insurance policy that meets federal law requirements [refer to US government document 22 CFR 62.14].

University of Montevallo offers a policy that is underwritten and administered by a subsidiary of United Healthcare, Global Care Basic Plan. This policy was selected by the University because the cost is low and the benefits are generous. The University does not profit from sales of this policy and it is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with its terms and benefits. All international students will need to visit the link below and choose to either enroll in the policy or waive out. Those that waive the policy will be prompted to provide proof of comparable coverage to ensure it meets federal law requirements.

About Health Insurance for International Students

NOTE: The deadlines to submit proof of health insurance are as follows: Summer Term Deadline: April 1st, Fall Term Deadline: August 1, Spring Term Deadline: December 1.

International Financial Affidavit

Please fill the International Financial Affidavit; since, documentation from your bank or financial institution stating that the necessary funds will be available to you for the academic year is required. Please note that the amount for the 2024-2025 academic year is $43,360 USD. NOTE: There is no financial aid program for international students at UM, nor do immigration laws permit part-time employment except in limited circumstances. International students can qualify for scholarships at the University of Montevallo.

English as a Foreign Language Testing

Official Transcripts

A completed course by course evaluation of all secondary school study is required. If applicable, an official evaluation of any college credit taken at a college or university outside the United States is also required. Evaluation must be done by an evaluating agency who is a member of NACES such as World Education Services or SpanTran. This evaluation is necessary for acceptance of credits to a UM program of study. Official transcripts from any college or university attended in the United States and Transfer Clearance Form completed by the DSO at the previous institution is also required.