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Welcome to University Outreach, supporting and promoting civic engagement, service-learning and community-based partnerships. We are a resource for faculty, staff, students and community partners who are interested in working together to make the world a better place.

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What is Service-Learning?

Camp Fire members present information to a student at the Volunteer Fair.

The National Center for Service-Learning defines service-learning as:

· an activity that is focused on meeting a human need in the community where that need has to do with the well-being of individuals and/or of the environment in which they live.

· including key academic and/or civic objectives to be achieved through combining service with learning that have been identified prior to the activity.

· incorporating opportunities for students to reflect on their experience and its connection to specific academic/civic objectives throughout the activity.

Learn more about service learning courses at, contact us or search for s-l courses on Banner.

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to Serve

A teacher at the UM Child Study Center reads to students.

There are a number of agencies, organizations, and events in need of your service! For a listing of our partner organizations, click the link below. Other opportunities are posted throughout social and mass media. We encourage you to carefully vet these volunteer opportunities before you commit to serve and consider volunteering with a friend. Additionally, students should request verification of their volunteer service from an on-site supervisor and maintain that documentation for future reference. Check out these sites to search for unique opportunities:

United Way Hands On – Involve
Volunteer Match

Community Partner List
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Falcon Scholars
in Action

Two Falcon Scholars in Action members present information at the Volunteer Fair.

Falcon Scholars in Action is a service-learning program in which a small number of UM students are selected each year in a competitive process to serve clients in agencies and programs throughout Shelby County at least 10-hours per week.

Students selected as Falcon Scholars are provided with a significant annual stipend from Shelby County to offset any expenses they may incur as a result of their service.

Services are related to students’ major and include experiences such as tutoring, designing marketing programs, supporting community fitness initiatives and working with senior adults. Learn more about Falcon Scholars in Action at the link below.

Falcon Scholars
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Honors Cords

UM Student holding her diploma

Students who complete a year of service as a Falcon Scholar or document 75 hours of community service throughout their academic career at UM will be provided with a distinctive honors cord upon graduation. This braided burgundy and navy blue cord is proudly worn at graduation and can be displayed for years to come.

This distinction is notable and worthy of recognition on student resumes throughout their job search. There is an application process for this cord, which requires students to document and verify their hours of service. To apply for this recognition, contact us below.

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Big Event

Montevallo students paint a porch during the Big Event day of community service.

To express their gratitude to a community that supports the University of Montevallo in so many ways, the student body volunteers their time and effort annually to the betterment of the community in which they live. Each year, several hundred students provide three hours of service to the residents of Montevallo, performing tasks from raking yards to trimming hedges. The Big Event provides UM students the opportunity to show appreciation for all of the support the Montevallo community has given the University of Montevallo. For more information, contact the Student Life office at (205) 665-6565.

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Other Outreach Opportunities

An attendee of a networking fair smiles at a presenter.

UM offers many minors, majors and programs with opportunities to serve the community. As examples, the University Honors program has a seminar that includes guidance on constructing and implementing small scale community-based projects that have the potential to create large scale impact. Communication studies often provides internship opportunities through the City of Montevallo. Additionally, Best Buddies is a campus organization that connects UM students with peers with disabilities to forge meaningful friendships. Students are encouraged to reach out to mentors and faculty members for information.

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