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Community Partners

At the University of Montevallo, we pride ourself on our partnerships, specifically when it comes to community engagement. We acknowledge that service opens up career paths to our students, significantly enhances their classroom-based learning, and provides them with unlimited professional experiences. Ultimately, through these partnerships, our desire is for community partners to deepen and broaden their impact through faculty, staff and student engagement. If your organization is interested in being listed as a community partner, please contact our office at

Community Partners

The UM Commitment

UM Outreach is committed to working with our partners to identify your needs and match them with faculty expertise and students’ body of knowledge and interests. We are problem solvers eager to serve and support you!

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Benefits of Partnership

Community engagement partnerships create the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship. University faculty members gain an instructional partner in providing professional development to our students. Students are provided with an instant professional network as well as experiential framework upon which to build their careers. Ultimately, it is our deep desire to serve as a catalyst for our partner organizations to grow and thrive due to faculty support coupled with the energy and enthusiasm of eager students.

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Annual Volunteer and Internship Fair

Camp Fire members present information to a student at the Volunteer Fair.

Each year, community partners are invited to campus to showcase their agency’s services and professional opportunities. This fair is publicized across campus as well as to our local high school students. Students from a variety of majors attend in the hopes of securing volunteer internships or ultimately careers in the agencies represented.

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Who are our Community Partners


Our community partners are as diverse as our student body, ranging from local organizations to groups across the globe. Each partner offers a unique journey to our students to explore their career interests and provide the partners with the support they need in critical times. For a general overview of our partners as well as other organizations our students serve, check out our Community Partner List below.

Community Partner List