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Discussion & Collaboration


Discussion & Collaboration

There are many technology tools available online that enable students and faculty to engage in discussion and to collaborate on projects in synchronous and asynchronous environments. Tools on this page can be used to encourage student engagement by facilitating projects or activities such as text and video discussion and collaborative projects such as concept mapping, and online study tools.
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Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a web-based tool used to create video-based discussion boards. Instructors post a question or prompt, and students respond by posting a video response.
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GroupMe is a free private group messaging tool. Registered users can send and respond to GroupMe messages by text, within the app, or from the GroupMe website.

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NowComment is a web-based tool used to facilitate discussion, annotation and close reading around online material. Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF files, images and web page text can be uploaded.

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Padlet is a web-based virtual wall or online bulletin board that allows teachers and students to post thoughts or responses to a topic. Posts can include text, images, websites, and videos. A Padlet can also be presented as a slideshow.

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Popplet is a web-based collaborative tool used to graphically organize thoughts and information. Mind maps, diagrams, concept maps and presentations that contain text, images, drawings, and videos can be created with this tool.

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Quizlet is a free online study aid that can be used by faculty and students to create a variety of interactive study tools.

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VoiceThread is a web-based application used to create collaborative presentations with media and incorporates asynchronous conversation by text, microphone, web camera or telephone.

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Zoom is an online video conferencing tool. The basic (free) plan allows users to host group meetings up to 40 minutes in length with 100 or fewer participants. Features available during meetings include screen sharing, breakout rooms, individual and group chats, and live closed captioning by a meeting participant.

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Using Zoom in a SMART Classroom