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Information Visualization & Mind Maps

Information Visualization & Mind Maps

Many free web-based tools can be used to visualize information and content. The tools below can be used to create infographics, mind or concept maps, timelines, flowcharts, and other visual products.
IP means in progress, purple button with gold check means approved, gold button purple check with asterisk means approved with exceptions

Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) allows users to create high-quality graphics using their own images or a variety of free images. Posts are automatically formatted for the perfect shape and size for various social media sites.

Adobe Express Post or Graphic Creation HelpSheet

Premiere Rush is a cross-platform, multiple device video editing software that is a fast and easy way to create polished and engaging video content.
Adobe Rush HelpSheet

Answer Garden is a free web-based tool that can be used to instantly collect short (up to 40 characters), text-based feedback from students.

Answer Garden HelpSheet

Mentimeter is a web-based voting/polling tool that can also be used to present course content. The free education account has a limit of two question slides, five quiz slides per presentation, and a maximum of 50 student responses per month. The number of content slides in a presentation is unlimited.

Mentimeter HelpSheet

Piktochart is a web-based application used to create infographics. Infographics are visual representations of data or information.

Piktochart HelpSheet

Popplet is a web-based collaborative tool used to graphically organize thoughts and information. Mind maps, diagrams, concept maps and presentations that contain text, images, drawings, and videos can be created with this tool.

Popplet HelpSheet

Finding free images can be difficult. These four websites contain quality images and icons that are Public Domain or Creative Commons (CC0) – Attribution.

Website for Free Images HelpSheet

ThingLink is a web-based application that allows users to create interactive media-rich images.

ThingLink HelpSheet