Instructional Technology Toolkit

Content Delivery

Content Delivery tools are categorized by the way in which content is delivered to learners. Content Presentation tools can be used to present information and content in different formats. Classroom Technology will help instructors understand the tools that are available in standardized classrooms on campus. Video & Audio Creation tools can be used to create video or audio files that coordinate with lessons. Information Visualization & Mind Mapping tools can be used to create graphics for learners.

The Malone Center staff would be happy to sit down with you and help you select the best tool to fit your needs and/or help you adapt a tool for your course. Contact us today!

Content Presentation

Classroom Technology

Video & Audio Creation

Information Visualization & Mind Maps

Content Specific Tools

It is important to consider accessibility for students who need accommodation as you plan course content and activities. Not all tools included in the Malone Center Instructional Technology Toolkit are fully accessible, but all can be valuable for teaching and learning. If you choose to use these tools, please consider how you will make the activity or assignment accessible if requested.