Assessment of Student Learning

Game-Based Learning


Game-Based Learning

The following tools can be used to collect student responses and feedback in a fun, competitive, game-like environment.
IP means in progress, purple button with gold check means approved, gold button purple check with asterisk means approved with exceptions

Jeopardy-style review games can be a fun way to increase student engagement, review concepts and conduct formative assessment. FlipQuiz and Factile both offer text-based questions and answers with a free account.

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This is a comparison of all game-based tools included in the Malone Center Instructional Technology Toolkit.

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Kahoot is a game-based classroom student response website that encourages student engagement and motivation with competition, bright graphics, fast-paced action, and music. Students answer questions and compete for points based on response time and correct answers.

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QQuizziz is a game-based student response website. Students compete for points based on response time and correct answers. Unlike Kahoot, a Quizziz quiz can be self-paced, and students view questions and answers on their devices.

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