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Test Conversion Request

Test Conversion Request

Many faculty have paper tests that they would like to offer as online assessments but don’t know how. The Malone Center for Excellence in Teaching provides this service using a tool called Respondus. There are some limitations. Tests must be formatted using Microsoft Word according to Respondus specifications which can be found in the attached document. If there are images in questions, those will need to be loaded into Canvas and placed in the proper location after our conversion takes place. Point values should be indicated as it is much easier to set them in Respondus than to have to change them in Canvas.
This is not a fast process so tests should be submitted the semester prior to the desired delivery date but can be submitted later. Tests cannot be converted in less than one week.

Test Conversion Instructions

Examples of the format for the most common types of questions are below:

3) Who determined the exact speed of light? 

a) Albert Einstein 

*b) Albert Michelson 

c) Thomas Edison 

d) Guglielmo Marconi 


4. Albert Michelson determined the exact speed of light? 

*a. T 

b. F

Please use the Dynamic Form below to submit your request. You may submit more than one test per form but they must all be for the same course in Canvas. Include the section so we know where to place the test. Faculty will be responsible for copying the same test to multiple courses if they wish to do so.

Test Conversion Form