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Online Readiness Assessment

Welcome to your ORA-Online Readiness Assessment

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1. I am good at setting goals and deadlines for myself.
2. I have a really good reason for taking an online course.
3. I finish the projects I start.
4. I do not quit just because things get difficult.
5. I can keep myself on track and on time.
6. I learn pretty easily.
7. I can learn from things I hear, like lectures, audio recordings or podcasts.
8. I have to read something to learn it best.
9. I have developed a good way to solve problems I run into.
10. I learn best by figuring things out for myself.
11. I like to learn in a group, but I can learn on my own too.
12. I am willing to email or have discussions with people I might never see.
13. I usually work in a place where I can read and work on assignments without distractions.
14. I can ignore distractions around me when I study.
15. I am willing to spend 10-20 hours each week on this online course.
16. I keep a record of what my assignments are and when they are due.
17. I plan my work in advance so I can turn my assignments in on time.
18. People around me will help me study and not try to distract me.
19. I am willing to use email and other online tools to ask my classmates and instructors questions.
20. I am pretty good at using a computer.
21. I am comfortable surfing the Internet.
22. I am comfortable with things like doing searches, setting bookmarks, and downloading files.
23. I am comfortable with things like installing software and changing configuration settings on my computer.
24. I know someone who can help me if I have computer problems.
25. My computer runs reliably on Windows or on Mac OS X.
26. I have access to a printer.
27. I am connected to the Internet with fairly fast, reliable connections such as DSL or cable modem.
28. I have access to a computer with virus protection software on it.
29. I have headphones or speakers and a microphone to use if a class has a video-conference.
30. My browser will play several common multimedia (video and audio) formats.