Canvas Training for Faculty

Getting Started with Canvas: Faculty FAQ's

How do I log in?

You can access Canvas directly at or navigate to Canvas from the University’s webiste. Canvas uses your standard campus username and password as your login.

Canvas also offers a Teacher app which provides a limited set of the full system’s functionality: iOS and Android.

Do I need to activate my courses in Canvas or request student enrollments?

Course shells will automatically be created in Canvas and will be available to you as an instructor as soon as you’re assigned to those courses in the class schedule.There’s no need to request course activation or student enrollments. All of that will happen automatically.

When can students access my course(s)?

You have full control over when your course content becomes viewable to students using a combination of the course’s published status and start/end dates.

By default, students will be able to access your course beginning on the first day of instruction for the term IF you have published your course and students will lose access to your course two weeks after grades are due for the term.

If you want students to see course content before the official start of instruction and/or longer than a few weeks after grading ends, you’re free to edit the Start and End Dates for your course.

How do I navigate Canvas?

There are many ways to learn about Canvas:

How do I get quick help with Canvas?

The Academic Technology Center is here to help you every step of the way!

Have a question right now? The answers are often readily available by searching the Canvas Community! Or, you can always email us at, call us at 205.665.6365, or visit us in Wills 115.