Community School of Music

Adult Beginner Piano Class (Non-credit)

Here it is!  The Adult Piano Class for beginners!  This class targets adult students with little to no keyboard experience.  Hosted in a small group setting in the Davis piano lab, students will begin with the essential fundamentals that will guide the development of skills such as keyboard technique and musical styles.

Did you know that learning the piano at any age is good for your brain?  Here are the top reasons why:

•  Improves Hand-eye Coordination – A recent study (Music and Health; Alan H. D. Watson, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, UK) suggests that pianists actually change their brains’ cortical mapping to increase finger speeds. For those with reduced motor skills, playing piano can challenge their brains to make new connections and strengthen motor skills. This can help children and even adults improve their coordination later in life.

•  Expands Cultural Knowledge – A 2016 study (ScienceDaily and Massachusetts Institute of Technology) showed that musical preference comes from cultural influences and is not innate (born into us). The study also shows that learning to play piano helps expand our cultural knowledge by exposing us to new sounds and styles of music.

•  Improves Kinesthetic or Tactile Learning. – ” In 2013, a study at an institute in Barcelona (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain) found that people who practiced piano had better neurological and psychological improvements compared with those who did other activities, such as football, basketball, or drawing, according to their scale.

•  Prevents Decline of Neural Processing, Hearing, and Memory – A recent study (ABC News) showed that those who made a lifelong habit of playing music slowed this decline and that of brain processing and inner-ear hearing loss.

•  Boosts Self-esteem – A 2014 study of Canadian fourth-grade students (Sage Pub Journals) showed those who received three years of individual piano lessons tested higher on self-esteem measures and achievement tests.

•  Is an “Unplugged” Learning Tool Long periods of time on electronics have been shown to increase brain atrophy and lower cognitive functioning (Psychology Today, Victoria L. Dunckley, MD). Piano is an activity that gets you away from your screens and gives you hours of unplugged learning and entertainment.

The Spring ’23 class will be held on Monday evenings from 6 pm to 7 pm in the piano lab (320) in the Davis Building.

Students must register for the class, seating is limited.  A minimum enrollment is needed to confirm the class.  The cost is $230, class book(s) are included in the cost.

Payments are made online in full ($230) or installments.  The 1st payment ($130) is due by the first class, the 2nd payment ($100) is due by the fourth class.   Payments are made HERE.

You may register for the Adult Piano class HERE.