Department of Communication

Communication Studies

B.A./B.S. Communication Studies

2021-2022 COMS BA/BS Degree Plan

The Communication Studies program provides a premier personalized career and educational experience where students learn to:

  1. Prepare and present well organized and reasoned oral and written presentations for a variety of social contexts.
  2. Identify, analyze and evaluate multiple perspectives of a given argument.
  3. Identify and articulate the connections between relevant theory and practice of communication studies in various social contexts.
  4. Discuss and demonstrate knowledge of implications for ethical and unethical approaches to research and communication.
  5. Identify, analyze and evaluate the implications for agency in the presentation and awareness of self in a variety of contexts.
  6. Demonstrate appropriate professionalism and presentation of self in a variety of contexts.

In addition to completing the General Education core, the Communication Studies curriculum requires 39 credit hours. A total of 120 credit hours is required to graduate.

Scholarship Information

Communication Studies Scholarships 

2020-2021 Communication Studies Scholarship Recipients

    • Dean of Fine Arts Scholarship for Communication Studies: Brady Ables, Joseph Honeycutt, & Jayden Presley
    • Lynn Cook Bennett Scholarship for Communication Studies: Candler Brown, Ellie Fulbright, Zoe Hall, & Madi Kirkland
    • Wales W. Wallace Jr. Communication Studies Scholarship: Candler Brown, Zoe Hall, & Madi Kirkland
    • Ellen Haven Gould Communication Studies Scholarship: Candler Brown, Zoe Hall, & Madi Kirkland

Directed Study Information

Directed Study Application

Internship Information

Internship Application

COMS 475 Weekly Time Entry and Progress Report

COMS 475 Internship Evaluation

COMS Presentation Room (CPR)

Looking to improve your communication skills? Need a place to conduct a virtual interview? Want to record a presentation? Reserve the COMS Presentation Room (CPR) today! The CPR offers a number of resources, including a television, professional backdrop, dry erase board, table, chairs, ring light, and tripod. It is available for COMS and MC students for class and professional use. Learn more here. Reserve the space here.

Nationally Recognized Program of Excellence

COMS Rex Mix Award

The University of Montevallo Communication Studies program received the 2017 National Communication Association Rex Mix Program of Excellence Award. The University of Montevallo is the fifth public university and first Alabama university to be recognized with this award. The Rex Mix Program of Excellence Award recognizes excellence in small undergraduate departments of communication, with emphasis on curriculum, program quality, course design, and special programs. A panel of scholars representing broad disciplinary expertise and concern for developing strong programs in small undergraduate college departments reviews submissions and selects programs for recognition.

Faculty Mentorship

100% of our full-time COMS faculty have won prestigious campus wide awards including the UMNAA Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Award (2016 & 2017), UM Academic Advising Award (2017), UMNAA Nathalie Molton Gibbons Young Achiever’s Award (2019), UM Faculty Service Award (2020), and UM University Scholar (2020-21).

  • Award Winning Teaching, Advising, Service, and Research
  • National Communication Association Award Winning Program
  • 100% of COMS majors receive advising from full-time faculty.
  • Small Class Sizes with a 14:1 Student/Teacher Ratio
  • 100% of Major Courses Taught By Full-Time Faculty with Doctoral Degrees
  • Active Mentoring for Undergraduate Research
  • Accessible and Attentive Faculty

Academic and Professional Opportunities

  • Collaborative Assignments/Projects with Community Partners and Clients
  • Signature Capstone Course Experience
  • 80% of recent COMS graduates completed either an internship (for professional preparation) and/or an independent research project (for scholarly/graduate school preparation). 15% completed both.

Engaged Scholars and Practitioners

When asked what they enjoyed most about their experience in the Communication Studies program, Communication Studies graduates responded:

  • Award Winning Professors
  • Camaraderie with Peers and Professors
  • Career Preparation
  • Diverse Course Offerings
  • Faculty Mentorship
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Lifelong Friendships
  • Meaningful Challenges
  • Personal Growth Opportunities
  • Professional Growth Opportunities

Award Winning Undergraduate Researchers

Communication Studies students are encouraged to work with faculty mentors to conduct undergraduate research projects and present their work at academic conferences. Over the past decade, Communication Studies students have presented award-winning undergraduate research at the Alabama Communication Association, Central States Communication Association, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges, McNair Scholars Program, National Communication Association, and Southern States Communication Association Conferences. Communication Studies students have also won awards for outstanding oral presentation at UM’s Undergraduate Research Day.

Successful Alumni

97% of UM Communication Studies graduates seeking work are employed full time in communication-related fields. 24% successfully pursue graduate school. Graduates conduct themselves professionally and engage in ethical communication. Graduates enjoy strong relationships with faculty who have an ongoing commitment to alumni’s personal career and educational goals.

COMS Senior Showcase Capstone Experience

The COMS Senior Showcase is an annual event that highlights our graduating seniors. The 2021 COMS Senior Showcase took place Thursday, October 28, 2021.

Fall 2021 COMS Senior Showcase Videos
Fall 2021 COMS Senior Showcase Portfolios

The 2020 COMS Senior Showcase Classroom Chats took place Monday, November 2, 2020 and Wednesday, November 4, 2020.

Fall 2020 COMS Senior Showcase Videos
Fall 2020 COMS Senior Showcase Portfolios