Poole Art Gallery

Presenting Contemporary art demonstrating the diversity of current artistic practice, the Art Department manages two galleries on campus – the Gallery at Bloch Hall and the Poole Art Galley in the new Center for the Arts. Collectively we present four professional exhibitions and multiple student BFA exhibitions each year.

The galleries support our curriculum and are a significant public venue for the visual arts in the Montevallo community and in Shelby County. Most exhibitions include a reception with an artist’s or curator’s talk.

The galleries are free and open to the public. Please contact our Administrative Assistant, Nita Terrell, if you would like to be on the gallery mailing list. Or join us on Facebook: UM ART Department.

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025  Poole Art Gallery Schedule

August  29 – October 18, 2024

Sarah West

Reception: August 29, 2024, 4:30 to 6 pm
Poole Art Gallery
Sarah West is an artist from Columbus, Georgia who has been living and working in
Birmingham for the past 5 years. Her vivid and detailed oil paintings fuse multiple references
within a single composition, combining digitally-influenced abstraction, landscapes and Early
Renaissance paintings. In referencing Renaissance compositions and alluding to digital spaces,
West explores the alignment between spiritual narratives and a mystical subtext of developing
technologies, prompting reflection on a collective and ancient concern with enlightenment, the
ineffable and the divine. More at
October 24 – Dec 6, 2024

Celestia Cookie Morgan 

Reception: Oct. 24, 2024, 4:30 to 6 pm
Poole Art Gallery
Celestia Cooke Morgan is a photographer born and raised in Birmingham. Her work utilizes
familial relationships, housing, recipes, and other subjects to explore contemporary and historical
issues of race, class, and discrimination across the city of Birmingham. Morgan is currently a
Postdoctoral Research Associate at The University of Alabama. More at
January 16 – February 15, 2024

Alumni Art Auction 

Poole Party: Saturday, Feb. 15, 2024, 4 to 5:30 pm
Poole Art Gallery
Feb.  20 – April 4, 2024

Danielle Jones

Reception: Feb. 20, 2024, 4:30 to 6 pm
Poole Art Gallery
Danielle Jones is a mixed-media visual artist from Louisiana. Influenced by the parallels between
rising waters and emotions, Jones’s installations and intricate works made of paper respond to the
alternation of disaster and repair while celebrating the often-overlooked lurking residuals of
destruction. More at
April 10 – May 30, 2024

Kaitlyn West

Reception: April 1o, 2024, 4:30 to 6 pm
Poole Art Gallery
Kaitlin West is an interdisciplinary artist who blurs the line between photography and sculpture
while creating stable sculptures on the verge of collapse. Her work constructs damaged concrete
columns, slabs, and hand-formed bricks used to create walls inspired by architecture’s support
structures to convey her internal psychic framework. Kaitlyn recently graduated from The
University of North Texas and currently teaches at Samford University. More at