Exercise and Nutrition Science (EXNS)

EXNS Faculty & Staff

Exercise and Nutrition Science (EXNS) Faculty and Staff

Dr. Stacy Bishop
Associate Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science
(205) 665-6588

Dr. Bishop serves as Associate Professor for Exercise and Nutrition Science.  His specific research interests are thermoregulation in sports, specificity of training in combat sports and non-traditional exercise modalities, high-intensity interval training for aerobic and anaerobic applications, and research and adjustment of kinesiology curriculum in higher education and standardization of personal training certifications.

Dr. Kelley DeVane-Hart
Assistant Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science
(205) 665-6389

Dr. DeVane-Hart is an Assistant Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science.  She instructs students in Introduction to Food Science, Introduction to Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Life Cycle and Community Nutrition and Foodservice Management.  She also has experience with school-based health promotion programs and pediatric nutrition.

Dr. Curtis Fennell
Associate Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science
(205) 665-6595

Dr. Fennell is an Associate Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science. He maintains membership and certification through the American College of Sports Medicine and is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He teaches Biomechanics, Foundations of Exercise Science, Medical Terminology, Motor Development, Clinical Testing and Interpretation. He has a vast background in athletics and research. His research interests include the effects of cell phone use and group exercise interventions on physical activity and sedentary behavior. Additional interests include design and implementation of strength and conditioning programs, including high-intensity functional training.


Dr. Shawn Mitchell

Department Chair of Health and Human Sciences
Associate Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science
(205) 665-6591

Dr. Mitchell is an Associate Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Science.  His research interests include various dynamics associated with recovery from high intensity intermittent exercise, and concurrent training as it relates to human performance.  They also include the effects of high intensity intermittent training on human performance, and training modalities specific to non-mainstream sports.  His prior research experiences include serving as a research associate in the medical physiology lab at the University of South Alabama’s medical school, where animal models were used to examine endothelial cell function in response to oxidative stress, as well as a laboratory research assistant in UCLA’s neuroscience laboratory with studies using both human and animal subjects.

Patricia Petitt
Director of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics
(205) 665-6390

Ms. Petitt is a Clinical Instructor for Exercise and Nutrition Science.  She also serves as the Director of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics.  She has experience in the area of clinical nutrition with a specific interest in childhood obesity.  In addition, her graduate work is in the area of nutrition science and health education.

EXNS Staff

Alyssa Drawhorn
HHS Administrative Assistant II
Myrick Hall
(205) 665-6590