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Testing Requirements for Teacher Certification Programs

The Alabama State Department of Education requires students in teacher education programs to complete tests for certification. Please refer to the information below to ascertain which test or series of tests your program requires.

As of September 1, anyone who has not passed Teaching Reading: Elementary must take Foundations of Reading 190 through Pearson. Information how to register can be found here: https://www.al.nesinc.com/

Praxis at Home is available. Please note: There are equipment and environmental requirements for testing at home that are designated by Proctor U. Your test may be cancelled by Proctor U if the requirements are not met. ETS provides a preparation checklist to ensure that you meet the Praxis at Home requirements.

ETS/Praxis at Home requirements, click here.

Undergraduate Testing Requirements
Alternative Masters Testing Requirements
School Counseling Testing Requirements
Instructional Leadership (RHO/MEd) Testing Requirements


Updated testing requirements for September 1, 2023
  • Biology #5235 will change to Biology #5236. The required score is 154.
  • Chemistry #5245 will change to Chemistry #5246. The required score is 146.
  • General Science #5435 will change to General Science #5436. The required score is 141.
  • School Counselor #5421 will change to School Counselor #5422. The required score is 159.
Tips and Best Practices:
  • Candidates need to make sure they are including both UM and the ALSDE as score recipients. The code for ALSDE is 7020.
  • Candidates need to confirm the equipment and environmental requirements before they register for any test.  If these requirements are not met, they will not be allowed to test.  A link to the requirements can be found above.