Teacher Education Services


The ALSDE has recently posted the updated certification applications for most certification areas.

Please note that the applications are in fillable pdf format and may not be hand-written. Any application received completed by hand will be returned to you and may delay processing.

All teacher education students, graduating or completing a certification program, should apply for certification with the office of Teacher Education Services. TES will offer certification application workshops at the beginning of each semester.

All applications for certification must be processed through the TES office as the university serves as the recommending institution.

Certification Application Deadlines:

Certification applications for December graduates due by November 15th
Certification applications for May graduates due by April 15th
Certification applications for Summer graduates due by July 15th

TES must wait for transcripts to be finalized by the Registrar’s Office at the end of each term. Please note: Degrees earned in the Summer will not be conferred until August. Therefore, certification applications for Summer graduates will be processed mid-August.

Please allow two (2) weeks after the end of each term for processing in our office.

A completed certification application packet includes the following:

UG/Alt A/RHO & MEd-IL/Traditional MEd/EdS & Counseling Certification
CACREP/School Counseling Certification
Certification App Instructions
Certification FAQs for Graduates
Certification App Instructions
Form NAL (Certification App) Form KRP (Certification App)
Form Supplement CIT Form Supplement CIT
Online payment receipt Online payment receipt
Form KR1


Important Points to Remember:

  • Completed certification applications for Initial, Advanced, and Traditional School Counseling should be submitted to the Teacher Education Services office in Wills Hall 207 in person or via U.S. postal mail. Do not overnight. Scanned images will not be accepted. Original signatures are required.
  • CACREP applications should be mailed directly to the ALSDE by the student.
  • Submitting incomplete and/or hand-written applications will cause a delay in processing.
  • Submitting applications after the deadline may cause a delay in processing. Late applications will be processed as a group in a separate submission to the ALSDE.
  • TES processes applications and sends them to the ALSDE within two weeks after graduation unless there extenuating circumstances. A completion of program form will be emailed to your UM forum email the week after graduation.
  • Check your certification status with the Alabama State Department of Education at:
Click here for information regarding alternative routes to certification