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Our Pledge to Educators

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Whereas the Center strives to support all subject areas as much as possible through its professional learning, the Alabama State Board of Education has identified reading and mathematics as areas of critical need across our state. Therefore, the Center will strive to concentrate its efforts on providing professional learning opportunities that support these areas. However, if there is a specific professional learning need identified by your school improvement plan data that could help reach an improvement goal, please let us know. We will try our best to support your staff in its efforts to meet that goal.

Below, you will find descriptions of current sessions sponsored by the Center. Some sessions are offered in conjunction with ALSDE programs. Others are listed here as a courtesy to other professional learning providers to expand options for educators in our region. Session descriptions and registration information are included.

Current Professional Learning Opportunities

Registration for all workshops sponsored by the Center must be completed through PowerSchool Professional Learning (unless otherwise noted in the session listing).

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Instructions for logging into PowerSchool Professional Learning for the first time and/or registering for sessions can be found by clicking the button below.

PowerSchool Professional Learning Guide

Please also see our AMSTI-UM, ASIM-UM, ATIM-UM, NBCT-UM, and

ARI-UM pages for additional professional learning opportunities specific to these programs.

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