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Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM)


Learning science requires an understanding of the scientific method, which is acquired through “hands-on,” “minds-on,” laboratory activities.  Thus, the goals of Alabama Science in Motion (ASIM) are to provide high-tech laboratory experiences for students along with effective professional learning and support for teachers. Equipment, knowledge of the discipline, preparation time, and motivation are essential elements of an effective laboratory program.  ASIM is a network of resources designed to provide the equipment, discipline training, and preparation support needed to run an effective secondary science laboratory program. In many instances the cost of the equipment involved would be prohibitive for individual schools or even districts to acquire. This program provides the opportunity for instruction and laboratory activities that many students may never otherwise experience, thereby allowing for more equitable enrichment opportunities for all students.  As a result of these opportunities, Alabama students should be better prepared for post-secondary education or entry into the work force.

ASIM also incorporates a strong teacher-training component, consisting of training days during the summer with follow-up days throughout the school year.  Summer training is designed to update and strengthen content knowledge, familiarize teachers with the use and operation of ASIM equipment, and model teaching strategies that are successful with a broad range of students.  It also provides teachers from different school districts the opportunity to network with peers while sharing both content knowledge and teaching techniques. Follow-up visits during the school year allow the ASIM Specialists to focus on student-centered coaching with teachers to help “fine tune” knowledge as well as share suggestions and experiences from the classroom.  ASIM Specialists are able to provide onsite modeling of laboratory lessons or team teach lessons with the classroom teacher. The ultimate objective is for the teacher to lead the lesson independently.

Professional Learning Opportunities

To learn more comprehensive information about ASIM as a statewide program, visit the link at the bottom of this page.
Once there you can navigate to the ASIM-UM page by looking for the UM Logo (words).
You can then access biology, chemistry, and physics pages. On each page you will find each ASIM-UM Specialist’s contact information, their work calendar (visit schedule), the current science standards, available laboratory experiments, and more.

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