Dean's Message

The first-generation student who has to work extra shifts on weekends.

The freshman who has no idea that 8 am in college is NOT the same 8 am it was in high school.

The undergraduate who falls flat on their face during Welcome Weekend.

The faculty member that meets the first-gen student and hears their story.

The advisor who sits with the freshman to discuss what they want to do AFTER graduation.

The Dean who texts the undergraduates to check in on their semester.

I know these stories well – because they are my stories. And they are the stories of many of our faculty here in the Stephens College of Business (SCOB). These stories are not lost on us, and that’s why you’re not lost as one of us.

The Stephens College of Business offers the same options as the big schools during your time – scholarships, sports, Greek life, internships. But we also offer open doors, after-class study sessions, and smiling faces at the sports games.

We provide the same services as big schools after graduation – networking, job connections, alumni recognition. But we also provide mentorship, relationships, and oftentimes even wedding gifts!

But in all seriousness, when so many schools offer similar accreditations, degrees, and financial aid, choose a college where you’re a big fish in a little pond.

Choose Stephens College of Business. 

We may be a small campus.

But we mean big business.

Dr. Amiee Mellon, Interim Dean
Morgan Hall, Station 6540
Montevallo, AL 35115

Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 5:00PM