English Graduate Programs

Funding & Grants

Scholarship and funding opportunities vary from year to year and are available from both internal and external sources. Students are advised to monitor the University of Montevallo’s Scholarship Page for Graduate Students in addition to seeking out scholarships and funding opportunities from external sources. The following internal scholarship and funding opportunities have been available to past students in the English M.A. and M.A./M.Ed. programs:

Terry Roberson Graduate Honors Scholarship

The intent of the Dr. Terry Roberson Graduate Honors Scholarship is to support outstanding graduates of four-year institutions of higher education who are seeking a graduate degree. To be considered, a master’s degree candidate must have a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and an educational specialist candidate must have a minimum graduate grade point average of 3.8 on a 4.0 scale verified by an official transcript. Candidates should also provide three letters of recommendation discussing their potential for success in graduate study and meet at least one additional application criteria as determined by the program (i.e. writing sample, MAT/GRE score, etc.). Please see below for a listing of the additional criteria by graduate program. All candidates must meet these minimum requirements, but each department/college may determine additional criteria for recipients.

The Roberson Graduate Honors Scholarship is typically awarded early in the Fall semester and has in the past been in the amount of $2400.00 to be awarded to a single student or split between multiple qualified students. Interested students should inquire with the graduate director by August 1 for detailed information.

Betty Gottler Scholarship for Returning Students

Renewable scholarship available to returning students. Interested students should contact grad@montevallo.edu for additional information.

Graduate Instructor Fellowships (English 100 Program)

The English department offers fellowships each year for English M.A. students who are interested in working as graduate instructors in UM’s English 100 program. Instructors gain valuable experience designing and teaching composition curriculum for one-on-one meetings with undergraduates.

Instructors are typically assigned ten to eleven students per semester with whom they meet weekly in individual, hour-long sessions. Fellowships stipend amounts are projected to total about $2000 per semester at 11 hours of work per week. Applications are typically available starting May 1 on the UM employment website. Students interested in English 100 should contact Dr. Cynthia Mwenja (cmwenja@montevallo.edu) for details.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA Program)

English M.A. students in their second year of graduate study with at least 18 credits of graduate coursework are eligible to apply for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) position. GTAs will receive tuition remission for up to 12 credit hours plus a $4500/semester stipend in exchange for teaching two sections of ENG 101 in the fall semester and two sections of ENG 101 in the spring semester. GTAs will be required to take (earning at least a “B”) a specially designated 500-level Pedagogy course in the English department before teaching ENG 101. This course will count towards their credit hours for the M.A. degree. To apply, M.A. students should submit a one-page statement of purpose along with an application form by May 1. Students will be accepted for the GTA program based on demonstrated academic strengths, leadership potential, classroom comfort, and openness to professional development. Students interested in the GTA program should contact Dr. Emma Atwood (eatwood@montevallo.edu) for details.

Carmichael Library Assistantships

Carmichael Library regularly offers two graduate assistantships, one working in the archives and the other with digital media. Library assistantships are paid at a rate of $11.00/hour for 13hours per week, totaling up to $2450 per semester. Students interested in library assistantships should contact Carmichael Library Director, Charlotte Ford (cford6@montevallo.edu) for details.

Harbert Writing Center

English M.A. and M.A./M.Ed. students regularly take on paid hourly staff and supervisory positions at the Harbert Writing Center.  Students in any major who have completed English 101 and 102 may apply to work as Harbert Writing Center consultants. We are looking for strong writers who are able to collaborate in one-on-one sessions with students in all content areas. Tutors typically work between five and ten hours per week, Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., and Friday 9-12:00. All applicants are strongly encouraged to take ENG 456: The Writing Process in preparation for the course. Consultants must attend training sessions at the beginning of each semester and attend monthly staff meetings. To apply, send a letter of application (including information about why you want the position and any relevant experience), a resume, a short piece of academic writing (2-3 pages, or an excerpt from a longer piece), and an unofficial transcript to Dr. Cynthia Mwenja (cmwenja@montevallo.eduwith “Application for HWC” in the subject line.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of university-wide graduate assistantships are offered periodically. The graduate coordinator will notify students as opportunities become available. The application process varies depending on the department offering the assistantship. Graduate assistants are students first and employees second. They have as their primary focus advanced study and ultimately the completion of a graduate degree. Therefore, the services they provide as graduate assistants should complement professional development in their chosen field of study.

Graduate assistants must maintain the cumulative 3.0 grade point average required of all graduate students and must perform satisfactorily in the judgment of the employing department/supervisor. Of course, the availability of funds is a critical factor as well. If a student is terminated, Graduate Admissions and Records will be notified by memo from the employer.

Graduate Student Research/Conference Funding Guidelines

There is limited funding from the Office of Graduate Studies available for graduate student research, conference presentations, and travel. Students interested in specific research and conference funding should contact Dr. Emma Atwood (eatwood@montevallo.edu) for details.