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Prakash Bharara

Dr. Bharara is professor of chemistry at university of Montevallo. He joined university in 1986 and since has taught all level of chemistry courses. After getting his Ph.D. degree from university of Rajasthan, Jaipur (India), Dr. Bharara spend four years at University of Munich in Munich (Germany) as Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow.
Student – faculty collaborative research is an important component of the chemistry majors. For the students I talk to, the research lab is a key attraction of the chemistry majors. Nationwide survey shows that students who do collaborative research attend graduate school at higher rate than those who do not. In my view, it is in laboratories that students learn for themselves that science is interesting and they can have some ownership of the subject and that in the one-on one setting, faculty can encourage their young collaborators to pursue careers in science. He is actively involved in undergraduate research. He believes in hand on experience for students which help them to go a long way in any field of graduate or health professions.

Dr. Bharara carried out research with faculty at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), where he involved undergraduate students from University of Montevallo and expose them to Synthesis of Polymers using well advanced research techniques. The collaboration was designed in such a way that bulk of work was carried out at our university and characterized by advanced instrumentation such as High Resolution NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) , MS (Mass Spectrum), GC MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrum) and FT IR (Fourier Transform Infra- Red Spectrum).

Dr. Bharara is also involved in research project with another faculty member at University of Montevallo and numerous undergraduate students were involved on the Synthesis and characterization of base Porphyrins and their Metalation (Copper, Manganese, Zinc etc.).
The work at UAB and Montevallo has produced many papers which are presented in various Regional and National Meetings and also published in peer reviewed international journals.

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