Social Work

Welcome from the Program Director

Dr. Newell

Welcome to the University of Montevallo’s Social Work Program.  We are proud to be the first formal social work education program in the State of Alabama, starting in 1926, and one of the oldest programs in the Southeast. Today, the Social Work Program is a unique professional program within the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, which also includes the disciplines of history, political science, sociology, geography, and psychology. The mission of our Social Work Program is to provide a professional education for beginning level generalist practice with emphasis on the poor, vulnerable and under-served. Generalist practice is founded upon the purposes of the profession and core social work values. The Social Work Program includes four full-time faculty members and averages approximately 85 full-time majors.

For the right student, social work can be an exciting, challenging and rewarding profession. A career in social work involves helping people to find ways of living more satisfying and productive lives. Social workers are concerned with the numerous problems, circumstances and barriers that prevent people from achieving the goal of living satisfying and productive lives. There are many problems and circumstances that interfere with the efforts of people to achieve these goals including, but not limited to, child abuse and neglect, health problems, alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, poor education and lack of job skills, marital and family disruption, racial discrimination, oppression, sex discrimination and impoverished living circumstances.

Thank you for your interest and continued support of the Social Work Program.  For more information, you can contact me at or 205-665-6184 with your questions, suggestions, and feedback.

Dr. Jason M. Newell