Political Science

Dr. Eckelman

The Political Science Program at the University of Montevallo offers a major in Political Science with either a B.A. or a B.S. degree. The program offers courses in American politics, international relations, political philosophy, and the role of law in society. Political Science studies provide the communication skills that support active citizenship and empowerment. It incorporates themes, issues, and information related to a variety of disciplines, including History, Sociology, Philosophy, Geography, and Economics. It is a core discipline embodying the highest standards of a liberal arts education. Political Science students may be interested in the Pre-Law minor or the Peace and Justice Studies minor.

Political Science majors have a variety of exciting career options from which to choose. Political Science is an excellent pre-professional degree. Many graduates choose to continue their education in law school, while others may pursue graduate studies in Political Science or a related field. Persons with advanced degrees in Political Science are prepared to become college professors, professional administrators, or researchers. Potential employers include state and federal agencies, congressional offices, private think tanks and interest groups, national political parties, the U.S. Foreign Service, the CIA, the FBI, and international agencies and organizations.

Why UM for Political Science?

  • Emphasis on communication, research, and critical thinking skills
  • Prepares students to be informed citizen leaders
  • Internship opportunities both in-state and in Washington, D.C.
  • Scholarships available
  • Career opportunities in law, academia, public administration, and foreign service


A Political Science minor consists of POS 200, 250, 455, and 475, and 6 additional elective hours in the subject.

Scholarship Opportunities

Departmental Scholarships

Dr. Doerfler

Model United Nations

Dr. Scott Turner annually teaches a course entitled: “Model United Nations.” The course culminates with students participating at the Southern Regional Model United Nations in Atlanta. UM’s 2023 delegations will represent Costa Rica and the United Kingdom, we have four alumni on SRMUN staff:

  • Director General: Emily Bowen (who holds a Masters in International Security from George Mason University)
  • Assistant Director of the Group of 20: Claudia Bonney (second year law student at the University of Alabama)
  • Director of Security Council: Xander Swain (graduated UM in Spring 2023)
  • Assistant Director of Security Council: Paige Stephens (Pursuing Masters in Global Affairs at New York University)

Students who are interested in participating should contact Dr. Scott Turner before registering:

UM Students at Model UN

Josie Jones, Makayla Montgomery, Aubrie Chastain

Model UN Dr. Turner and students

Makayla Montgomery, Josie Jones, Kevon’te Hall, Dr. Scott Turner, Claudia Bonney Amamoo, Paige Stephens, Jordan Dacus, Aubrie Chastain